Our dynamic, four-year pre-nursing degree prepares students for admission into nursing school through focused coursework, expert advising, and career-focused programming. Students can also choose to pursue two degrees at an accelerated (five-year) pace, receiving their BSN in their fifth year at one of many accelerated nursing programs across the country.

The Pre-Nursing Concentration in Biology

Cheyney also offers a concentration in pre-nursing/health professions through our biology degree program, providing students with a foundation for entering nursing school and numerous other health fields. Integrating anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology and genetics, this option lays the groundwork for students to advance into research and advanced, graduate-level coursework.

In offering this concentration, Cheyney is helping to increase the number of well-prepared minority candidates for various areas of biology. Through our emphasis on building a wide range of scientific skills, the program also enhances the likelihood of acceptance into a graduate program.

Program Goals and Expected Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will become conversant and proficient in basic biological concepts
  2. Students will build a foundation that allows them to participate in specialized professional and educational activities in the life sciences, leading to careers in the nursing, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, and related health professions.
  3. Students will improve their skills of observation, data collection, data analysis and interpretation
  4. The students will become proficient in the presentation of scientific information in written, oral, and graphic formats
  5. Students will become proficient at integrating information derived from chemistry, biochemistry, and physics into their understanding of biological systems

The requirements for a major in Biology include at least 27.0 credit hours and the achievement of at least a 2.0 GPA. Courses with numbers in the 300s and 400s are designated as Advanced Courses. Required and Elective courses to fulfill the requirements of the pre-nursing and health professions concentrations are:

  • Major Track Elective Pre-Nursing/Health Professions
  • Major Track Elective 1 SLF 320
  • Major Track Elective 2 SLF 321
  • Major Track Elective 3 SLF 311
  • Major Track Elective 4 SLF 317
  • Major Track Elective 5 SLF 316
  • Major Track Elective 6 SLF 325
  • Major Track Elective 7 MAT 111

Total Credits for Track 27
Required Math

(General Education) MAT 205

The following courses are strongly recommended to fulfill post-graduate admission requirements or for standardized test preparation

  • Social Science 1 RPS 201 Introduction to Psychology
  • Social Science 2 RSO 201 Introduction to Sociology

Other Curricular Options for Students Interested in Nursing:

While a biology degree is an excellent option for building a foundation for entering a health field, students interested in nursing may earn a bachelor’s degree in any major at Cheyney University, provided they complete the following course work:

  • English Composition HEN 112
  • General and Bio-Organic Chemistry SCH 111/112
  • SCH 311/312
  • SCH 340
  • Nursing Chemistry SCH 205
  • Human Anatomy/Physiology SLF 320/321
  • Human Genetics SLF 312
  • Human Growth and Development SLF 316
  • Microbiology SLF 314
  • Pathophysiology SLF 318
  • Psychology RPS 211
  • Sociology RSO 201
  • Statistics MAT 205
  • Nutrition SLF 325

Cheyney’s academic advisors are vital resources for pre-nursing students, providing information on nursing programs, pre-requisite curricular requirements, the application process into BSN programs, and University policies and regulations. Students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor to discuss study skill strategies, course planning, and academic issues.

Contacts for Pre-Nursing Information: