Whether you’re visiting or planning to stay, here is everything you need to know:


Main Campus: 1837 University Circle, Cheyney, PA 19319

From Philadelphia via Route 1

  1. Take Route 1 South 2. Continue approximately 18 miles to intersection of Rte. 1 South & Cheyney Road (Markham’s Corner on right-hand side) 3. Turn right at traffic light and follow Cheyney Road 3 miles to Cheyney’s campus From Philadelphia via Route 3 (West Chester Pike) 1. Take Route 3 (West Chester Pike)
  2. Follow 13 miles to Route 926 3. Make a left at Rte. 926 and follow to first left after Rte.352 4. Make a left onto Tangay Road 5. Follow Tangay Road to Cheyney University (Cheyney and Creek Rd. Intersection) From Philadelphia via I-95 South 1. Take I-95 South to Exit 322 West (West Chester) 2. Turn right on Rte. 1 North
  3. Turn left onto Cheyney Road
  4. Follow Cheyney Road for approximately 3 miles to the campus

From Washington and South

  1. Take I-95 North through Wilminton, DE to Rte. 202 North
  2. Follow Rt. 202 North for 12 miles (look for Cheyney’s sign)
  3. At intersection of Rte. 202 and Rte. 926 turn right
  4. Drive 2.2 miles
  5. Cross narrow bridge over creek
  6. Turn right at intersection past the bridge (Westtown Road)
  7. Drive 1 mile to Cheyney University on the left

From New York and East

  1. Take New Jersey Turnpike
  2. Follow Exit 6 to Pennsylvania Turnpike
  3. Exit at Valley Forge Interchange (EXIT 326)
  4. Follow Route 202 South to Route 926
  5. Turn left onto Route 926
  6. Drive 2.2 miles
  7. Cross narrow bridge over creek
  8. Turn right at intersection past the bridge (Westtown Road)
  9. Drive 1 mile to Cheyney University on the left

From Harrisburg and West

  1. Take  Pennsylvania Turnpike east (I-76) toward Philadelphia
  2. Take the PA-100 exit- EXIT 312- toward POTTSTOWN/WEST CHESTER.
  3. Merge onto PA-100 S toward DOWNINGTOWN
  4. Take US-202 S
  5. Merge onto West Chester Pike (PA-3) toward Newtown Square
  6. Make a right at Rte. 926 and follow to first left after Rte.352
  7. Make a left onto Tangay Road
  8. Follow Tangay Road to Cheyney University (Cheyney and Creek Rd. Intersection)

By Train from Philadelphia’s Suburban Station or 30th Street Station

  1. Take the Media-Elwyn suburban line to Elwyn
  2. Transfer to SEPTA Bus Route
  3. Take bus to campus (for details, call SEPTA at 215-580-7800)

By Elevated Train or Bus from Philadelphia City Hall

  1. Take the elevated train (El) to the 69th Street Terminal
  2. From terminal, take SEPTA Bus #120 to Cheyney’s main campus (for details, call SEPTA at 215-580-7800)

Bus Schedules

  1. Chester Transportation Center to Cheyney University – Route 119
  2. 69th Street Terminal to Cheyney University – Route 120 — Improved Saturday and Sunday limited service will now operate every two hours between 69th Street Terminal and Cheyney University.


Parking Permits are Required on Cheyney University’s Campus

All vehicles must be registered with the Cheyney Police Department and display a parking permit. On campus parking by students require the purchase and display of a CU parking permit. A permit is required for each vehicle if you are using multiple vehicles. If you are temporarily using a different vehicle other than the one registered, you must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Cheyney Police Department. You must also purchase a new permit each year. The fee for the permit is $30.00.

To obtain a parking permit, download a copy of the Cheyney University Parking Permit Application, available on the Cheyney Police Department Website, and submit payment to the Bursar.

Bring the following to Cheyney University Police Headquarters in McKnight-Rogers to receive your parking hang tag.

  • Completed Parking Permit Application
  • Proof of payment
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid vehicle registration

Temporary Parking Tags
Temporary parking permits are available from police headquarters at no charge to holders of valid annual permits, when the valid permit has been forgotten or is unavailable for display. Temporary permits are issued to contractors, venders, or visitors for a specified time period and expiration date. A valid driver’s license and vehicle plate number must be presented to the dispatch center at police headquarters when requesting a temporary parking hang tag.

Temporary parking permits must be displayed from the inside rear-view mirror, with the plate number information visible.

No curbside parking is permitted at any campus location.

Student Parking restricted to the Motorcycle Parking Lot and the Airport Parking Lot

The Motorcycle Parking Lot is located on the upper right hand side of the main campus – directly above the Carver Science Center is one of two designated areas for student parking.

The Airport Parking Lot is located behind Ada George on Creek Road.

Students may not park in any other parking lot or area.

First Year Student Parking
All first year students (excluding commuter students) are prohibited from parking vehicles on campus for the academic year. Freshmen may request an exemption to this rule, in writing, to the Cheyney University Chief of Police.

Any vehicle found on campus that is not registered or found to be in the possession of a first-year student will be ticketed and/or towed. Please note that fees will not be waived for any reason.

Display of Parking Permits (Hangtags)

Student Parking Permits

  • All regular student parking permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror with the permit visible from the outside of the vehicle. If the operator decides to place the permit in any other manner, he/she is responsible for the issued ticket.
  • The permit must be displayed at all times when the vehicle is parked on University property.
  • A student parking permit is not considered valid unless it is displayed in accordance with these parking regulations and clearly visible to the officers from the outside of the vehicle.
  • If a ticket is issued to a vehicle not displaying a current permit, the owner (failing to put the permit on the rearview mirror) will be required to pay a fine of $30.

Motor Vehicle Violations
All motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and campus regulations are strictly enforced. Citations for violations result in fines and may result in associated points on your license. All student vehicles must be registered with the Cheyney Police Department and must display a valid decal.

Vehicles on Cheyney property not having all required visible forms of identification or left without use for an unusual period of time will be considered abandoned and will be removed from Cheyney property at the owner’s expense.

Vehicles that have two or more unpaid parking violations may be booted or towed at the owner’s expense. All student vehicles must be parked, in a space, in the Motorcycle parking lot or the Airport Parking Lot. Vehicles parked in a fire lane, at curbside, or in any other illegal manner will be booted or towed at the owner’s expense. Campus vehicle regulation information, including information on fines and service charges, may be obtained at the Cheyney Police Department.

Parking tickets and/or parking citations are issued by campus police when vehicles are illegally parked.

Campus parking tickets must be paid at the business office. Citations are paid at the district court.

Failure to pay campus fines (parking tickets), within the prescribed time, may result in “booting.” Failure to pay parking citations can result in a summary arrest warrant at the district court level. Booting or towing of any vehicle will be at the owner’s expense. Vehicles may be towed or booted if parked in fire lanes or other prohibited locations. The Cheyney Police Department may remove vehicle registration plates for identification and investigative purposes.

Towing and Booting

The University reserves the right to immobilize (boot) or to remove and impound abandoned vehicles or

any vehicle found on campus:

  • That have accrued 2 or more outstanding parking tickets within an academic year;
  • Without a current permit;
  • With an unauthorized, altered or revoked permit;
  • Without a license plate;
  • With an expired license plate;
  • Parked in driveways, fire lanes, reserved or service vehicle spaces, and reserved lots;
  • In repeated violation of parking regulations;
  • Blocking a loading dock or trash dumpster;
  • Parked in an area designated as a construction zone or in an area which requires emergency repairs and the owner refuses to move the vehicle;
  • Parked in such a way as to constitute a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic or to the movement and operation of emergency equipment.

You will be ticketed if you have violated the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and/or University Regulations per below:

Fees/Fines** Fee/Fine
Vehicle Permit Registration Fee $30.00**
Replacement of Vehicle Registration $30.00**
Parking Tickets $30.00**
Boot Charge $90.00**
** Each occurrence


Description of Violation Fee/Fine
Parking in Handicapped Designated Area $90.00
Unauthorized Parking in Reserved Parking Areas $30.00
Failure to Display Parking Permit $30.00
Unauthorized Parking in Staff Only Areas $30.00
Parking on Roadway $30.00
Parking on Grass – plus any damages $30.00
Parking in Area Not Designated for Parking $30.00
Other $30.00

The full version of the Motor Vehicle Regulations is available in the Cheyney Police Department and via the Cheyney Police Website at http://www.cheyney.edu/for-current-students/campus-and-public-safety

CUPD Parking Policy


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