Cheyney has signed agreements with four science-based companies that are now operating in its new science building, working with students and faculty, while growing their businesses.  In addition, Cheyney signed an agreement with the Wistar Institute, the nation’s first independent biomedical research institute, to expand research education and the incubation of start-up and growing bioscience companies on campus and in the region, and is working with IPS, Integrated Project Services, a premier bioscience engineering company to provide education and training and help Cheyney create its facilities and processes for sciences businesses looking to be a part of this ecosystem with a biotech hub, aptly named the ThinkUbator.

HBCUs, specifically, have a unique place within local economies and STEM learning. In total, HBCUs contribute $15 billion yearly to the nation’s economy, create 134 thousand jobs yearly, and graduates earn $130 billion in total in their collective lives. In Pennsylvania, HBCUs contribute $200 million to the local economy yearly. Further, in Ruston, Louisiana, a multi-million-dollar public/private deal has helped to strengthen the town’s economy, local business strength, and a small HBU in Ruston.” HBCUs are capable of being economic anchors within communities, providing expertise and diversity to an array of industries.

We are looking for small to medium size bio-science companies to join us in this journey.  We currently have more than 200,000 square feet of available space.  Our goal is to build a corporate campus next to the academic campus that supports Cheyney’s students and helps to further stabilize the University.

We believe that Cheyney offers a unique opportunity for growth, co-learning, and joint research/scientific work through its new science building, library, and coworking spaces. Cheyney offers a number of physical and social assets to bioscience firms. New science buildings offer wet labs, cold storage, office space, back-up generators, and shared equipment on a campus setting. Further, companies on Cheyney’s campus will have access to university partnerships, the Philadelphia Research Consortium, and the wide array of on-campus amenities (including affordable rents, a gym for employees, and free parking).

While any growing company can thrive on Cheyney’s campus, we are also seeking cell and gene therapy companies to augment some of the early focus on campus.

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