Cheyney University builds an exceptional undergraduate/professional foundation for admission into medical and other health-related schools

Our Bachelor of Science Biology degree program provides students with the requisite coursework and laboratory experiences often required for medical school admission. In addition, we offer a pre-medicine concentration under the Biology degree program. However, any undergraduate/professional major is acceptable, provided a student fulfills the following requirements:

  • Two years of chemistry (general and organic) with lab
  • One year of physics with lab (calculus-based physics)
  • At least one year of general biology with lab

Some medical and health professional schools also require some or all of the following courses:

  • Calculus or other college-level mathematics
  • English
  • Advanced biological science and/or biochemistry

We recommend that you read the websites of schools you’re considering for specific requirements, or review the Medical School Admission Requirements at

For students interested in attending medical school, it’s essential to complete the required preparatory coursework in college and to maintain a high GPA. (Note that AP credits will not satisfy prerequisites at most medical schools.) If you choose not to major in biology at Cheyney, select a major that interests you and allows flexibility in taking required pre-med courses, and participate in the experiences expected of pre-med students such as research.
Recommended Courses for Medical School

Cheyney University Course Name Course Number

  • English I HEN 112
  • General Biology I SLF 110
  • General Biology II SLF 125
  • General Chemistry I SCH 111
  • General Chemistry II SCH 112
  • Organic Chemistry I SCH 311
  • Biochemistry I SCH 340
  • Biochemistry II SCH 312
  • Anatomy and Physiology I SLF 320
  • Anatomy and Physiology II SLF 321
  • Physics II SPH 312
  • Principles of Genetics SLF 312
  • Human Growth and
  • Development RPS 316
  • Microbiology SLF 314
  • Introduction to Psychology RPS 211
  • Elementary Statistics MAT 205

The Pre-Medicine Concentration in the Biology Degree Program

The department of Natural and Applied Science strives to educate and train a diverse student population in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to become life-long learners, problem solvers and globally and environmentally responsible citizens. The Biology program offers a concentration in pre-medicine that provides the foundational coursework necessary for entry into medical and health field programs. The concentration integrates anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology, microbiology, and genetics, and provides students with the groundwork to engage in research and advanced, graduate-level coursework.

In providing this concentration, Cheyney University addresses the needs of current students who wish to focus on careers related to focused areas in the biological sciences, and to increase the number of well-prepared minority candidates for employment in various areas of biology. Because of its emphasis on various scientific skills, this program also enhances the likelihood of the acceptance of the student into a graduate program.

The requirements for a major in Biology include at least 24.0 credit hours and the achievement of at least a 2.0 GPA. Courses with numbers in the 300s and 400s are designated as Advanced Courses. Required and Elective courses to fulfill the openings on the Biology curriculum worksheet should be completed as follows:

Major Track Elective Pre-Medicine Concentration Track

  • Major Track Elective 1 SLF 320
  • Major Track Elective 2 SLF 321
  • Major Track Elective 3 SLF 311
  • Major Track Elective 4 Cellular Elective (SLF 316, SLF 317)
  • Major Track Elective 5 Molecular Elective (SLF 422, SLF 430)
  • Major Track Elective 6 SCH 341
  • Major Track Elective 7 SCH 342
  • Total Credits for
  • Track 24-25
  • Required Math
  • (General Education) MAT 160 The following courses are strongly recommended to fulfill post-graduate admission requirements or for standardized test preparation

Recommended Social:
Science 1 RPS 201 Introduction to Psychology

Recommended Social:
Science 2 RSO 201 Introduction to Sociology

Program Goals and Expected Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will become conversant and proficient with basic biological concepts.
  2. Students participating in the program will have a foundation allowing them to participate in specialized professional and educational activities in the life sciences which will lead to advanced careers in the medical professions.
  3. Student’s skills of observation, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation will be improved
  4. The students will become proficient in the presentation of scientific information in written, oral, and graphic formats
  5. Students will become proficient at integrating information derived from chemistry, biochemistry, and physics into their understanding of biological systems

The MCAT Exam

Research, Laboratory and Applied Experiences

The Bond Hill Scholarship

Professional Development, Medical School Visits, and Educational Programs

Cheyney University annually hosts a Graduate/professional School Fair, which draws over 150 student participants and representatives of graduate/professional programs from across the region.

For additional information on our Pre-Med program, contact:

  1. Dr. Abdelaziz Bior, Pre-Med Advisor,
  2. Dr. Sakkar Eva, AMP Coordinator and Internship,

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