As a part of the State System’s capital project process, Cheyney received a capital appropriation of $48 million to replace its outdated gymnasium (Cope Hall). The original capital request predated the current Administration. The current Administration has worked diligently with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services to repurpose the capital funds to create a regional sports and recreational facility on Cheyney’s campus. The revised capital project, already underway, will anchor the campus and bring community members onto this sprawling campus for regular use. The program consists of building an indoor multiplex, that will house two full-size turf playing fields, four turf outdoor fields, two grass outdoor fields, tennis and basketball courts, and new food, locker, and gym facilities. This will be a multi-sports facility where students will learn facilities management, sports training, food service, and hospitality and have a first-class development for their use. Based on a feasibility study the University commissioned, there is considerable demand for such athletic fields in the region due to the limited supply. Cheyney will generate revenues from the community use of the fields and facilities.


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