As a part of the State System’s capital project process, Cheyney University received a capital appropriation of $48 million to replace its outdated gymnasiumCope Hall, which was built over 60 years ago. The original capital request predated the current Administration. The current Administration has worked diligently with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services to repurpose the capital funds to create a multiuse sports complex on Cheyney’s campus. With student input on design elements and the involvement of other members of the Cheyney community, the new sports complex is poised to provide Cheyney students with more options in terms of athletic, recreational, and intramural activities, as well as additional concurrent use opportunities, than Cope Hall currently provides. 

 The revised capital project, already underway, will consist of two newly-built indoor facilities—one will feature ten basketball courts and a competitive show hardwood court and the other will house a full-size artificial turf playing field—along with new locker, gym, and concessions facilitiesThe sprawling complex will also include new outdoor grass football field surrounded by an eight-lane trackThis will enable Cheyney to host track tournaments, which it is currently unable to do with its current dilapidated field and six-track lane. There will also potentially be two or three other outdoor turf/grass fields (contingent on funding), as well as newly updated outdoor tennis and basketball courts.  

This will be a multi-sports facility where Cheyney students will learn facilities management, sports training, food service, and hospitality and have a first-class development for their use. The University also will be able to generate revenues from the facilities and fields when not in use by Cheyney students (e.g., hosting summer basketball camps). 

Memorializing Cope Hall

You cannot mention Cheyney University’s most prized, historymaking achievements in sports without including Cope Hall. To ensure we always remember its significance, we plan to celebrate and honor this legendary hall in various ways, one of which includes incorporating physical elements of Cope into the new sports complex, among other plans. 

Without a doubt, Cope Hall is an integral piece of Cheyney history and can never be erased from our legacy.