We welcome you to Register for Spring 2020 Classes!
The beginning of Spring 2020 semester is quickly approaching, and Spring 2020 Registration is now Open! 

To kick-off the Spring 2020 Semester we are offering Walk-in-Week Registration Services from January 13th to January 17th, 2020.
We will also help students with Registration on Cheyney Move-in Day that’s scheduled for Saturday, January 18th from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

To prepare for Registration you will need to:

  1. Meet with your Advisor to select classes
  2. Clear any holds that might prevent you from registering for classes. You will need to
  3. Reach out to the appropriate office before registration to clear the holds.
  4. Sign onto PowerCampus SELF-SERVICE to register for classes
  5. Always remember to check Your Cheyney email!

Adding/Dropping Courses

  • Courses may be added to the student’s schedule via PowerCampus Self-Service until the date specified on the Academic Calendar.
  • Courses that are dropped during this Drop period are to be dropped by the student using PowerCampus Self Service online and will not be displayed on the official transcript.

Late Registration

  • A late registration fee of $100.00 may be charged to students who complete registration after the official registration date.

Repeating Courses

  • Students are limited to a maximum total of six (6) repeats.
  • A single course can be repeated a maximum of three (3) times.
  • The most recent grade (regardless of whether it is higher or lower) will be the grade used for the GPA calculation. Courses may not be repeated if a grade of ‘C’ or ‘CR’ has been recorded.
  • Students may not repeat a course for which they have already earned a grade of ‘C’ or higher or received a grade of ‘CR’ for a transferred course.

Self-Service Portal

  • Students and Faculty can use PowerCampus Self-Service to access and update the information on record in the Power Campus database.
  • Faculty: Using a web browser, faculty can search course sections, course catalog, set up courses, keep a record of course activities, update personal information, review student lists, enter grades, and advise students. All information for Faculty is located in the user guide for Faculty located in the Office of the Registrar and on the Cheyney University website.
  • Students: Using a web browser, students can search course sections, course catalog, view class information, update personal information, register for a class, view grades, view unofficial transcripts, and view financial information. All information for Students is located in the User Guide for Students located in the Office of the Registrar and on the Cheyney University Website. All training & troubleshooting for Self-Service is provided by the Office of the Registrar.

Spring 2020 Semester Academic Calendar & Important Dates



Office of the Registrar Contact Information:

Cheyney University of PA
Registrar’s Office
Harris Turner Annex (1st floor)
1837 University Circle
Cheyney, PA 19319
Phone: 610-399-2225
Fax:  610-399-2118