The Cheyney University Honors Academy is a principal for university-wide activity committed to an enhanced scholarly environment that stimulates and enriches the lives of the entire Cheyney campus community. The program is a focused, far-reaching hub for intellectual discourse and vibrant scholarship. Through extensive coursework and programmatic offerings, the CU Honors Academy is a source of aspiration for all Cheyney students to discover new intellectual interests and to foster life-long learning. The Academy takes a holistic approach to student development and seeks to graduate students who are academically accomplished, visionary leaders and responsible citizens.

The Cheyney University Honors Academy is governed by its programmatic learning outcomes. These outcomes address interdisciplinary learning, elevating the awareness of social justice, independent research, and the respect for civility. These outcomes will be the focus of required honors courses.

Through an exciting arrangement of smaller class sizes, interactions with experienced professors, and exchanges with curious and high-achieving students, the CU Honors Academy provides a home for inquisitive, open-minded, and energetic students. Students who enjoy dialogue and a diversity of ideas, a wonderment about the world and other people, the willingness to engage unfamiliar concepts, respect for history, and optimism about the future thrive in the CU Honors Academy.

The Cheyney University Honors Academy offers special challenges and opportunities to a select number of academically talented undergraduate students. The Academy is for students who take academic achievement seriously and understand that successes emerge out of interactions with others. As such, character development and attention to the qualities of leadership are important pillars of the Honors Academy.  The Academy fosters collaborative relationships between students and distinguished faculty through smaller class sizes and a wide array of multi-disciplinary learning activities.

Students who graduate from Cheyney University with high academic performance may qualify for the prestigious Bond-Hill Scholarship. The Bond-Hill Scholarship provides financial assistance to qualified students to attend approved graduate programs at the 14 PA State Universities, Penn State University, the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University and Lincoln University.

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