The Cheyney University Honors Academy is a principal for university-wide activity committed to an enhanced scholarly environment that stimulates and enriches the lives of the entire Cheyney campus community.  The program is a focused, far-reaching hub for intellectual discourse and vibrant scholarship.  Through extensive coursework and programmatic offerings, the CU Honors Academy is a source of aspiration for all Cheyney students to discover new intellectual interests and to foster life-long learning.  The Academy takes a holistic approach to student development and seeks to graduate students who are academically accomplished, visionary leaders and responsible citizens.

The honors curriculum is governed by 7 learning outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate the interdisciplinary skill to analyze and solve complex questions.
  2. Students will demonstrate an elevated sense of awareness or racial diversity and social justice.
  3. Students will develop the ability to do independent research or creative projects and present their findings to a public audience.
  4. Students will display an appreciation for civility and respect and understand the moral obligation of being an educated citizen in a diverse and global community.
  5. Students will exhibit leadership and social responsibility through academic, cultural, and social activities throughout campus.
  6. Students will enhance classroom learning with related co-curricular experiences to best serve the local (campus) and global communities.
  7. Students will demonstrate active engagement in the promotion of the mission, core values, and learning experiences of Cheyney University.


Through an exciting arrangement of smaller class sizes, interactions with experienced professors, and exchanges with curious and high-achieving students, the CU Honors Academy provides a home for inquisitive, open-minded, and energetic students.  Students who enjoy dialogue and a diversity of ideas, a wonderment about the world and other people, the willingness to engage unfamiliar concepts, respect for history, and optimism about the future thrive in the CU Honors Academy.

The Cheyney University Honors Academy offers special challenges and opportunities to a select number of academically talented undergraduate students.  The Academy is for students who take academic achievement seriously and understand that successes emerge out of interactions with others.  As such, character development and attention to the qualities of leadership are important pillars of the Honors Academy.  The Academy fosters collaborative relationships between students and distinguished faculty through smaller class sizes and a wide array of multi-disciplinary learning activities.

Students who graduate from Cheyney University with high academic performance may qualify for the prestigious Bond-Hill Scholarship.  The Bond-Hill Scholarship provides financial assistance to qualified students to attend approved graduate programs at the 14 PA State Universities, Penn State University, the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University and Lincoln University.


Meet Our Staff

Dr. Eric Schumacher
T: (610) 399-2599



Dr. Eric Schumacher is a professor of Philosophy and Liberal Studies and is the Director of the Cheyney University Honors Academy. Dr. Schumacher has taught at Cheyney University for over 20 years. He teaches courses that span across all areas of Western Philosophy, but Dr. Schumacher specializes in Ancient Greek Philosophy and 20th Century Phenomenology. He has presented original research at many conferences in this country and in Europe. Dr. Schumacher has published articles on such philosophers as Empedocles, Aristotle, and Heidegger. His book Aristotle on the Nature of Analogy was published by Lexington Books and received international endorsement.

Dr. Schumacher brings many years of Cheyney experience to the Directorship of the Honors Academy. He has served on many faculty committees on campus, revised the Liberal Studies degree program, won academic grants, served on doctoral dissertation committees, and, what he is most proud of, mentored his former students and advisees as they have gone on to earn the Doctoral degree.

Curtis Word
T: (610) 399-2599

Curtis Word is the Assistant Director for the Cheyney University Honors Program in which he coordinates and organizes events and activities for members of the academy. He also advises and assists students with their academic needs and helps them with applying for internships and conference opportunities in their field of study. Curtis has a passion for seeing students succeed not only in their academic journey but also in areas of leadership, social engagement, and community service. Curtis serves as the coach/advisor for the Honda Campus All-Star Team, the Battle of the Brains Team and the Black College Quiz challenge. He also works with other campus organizations as their advisor, such as the Cheyney University Royal Court, as well as works with other departments on campus.

Curtis holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Relations with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Cheyney University, where he graduated with honors in December of 2002. He also earned his Master in Divinity with a certification in Counseling from Missio Seminary in June of 2022.