Dear Cheyney Students,

It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome you to the Cheyney University Honors Academy. The CU Honors Academy is an exciting, diverse, and supportive learning community that takes a holistic approach to student development. Our Honors Academy offers students a wide arrangement of enriching academic, co-curricular, and residential learning experiences that can take you to the far reaches of campus, the greater Philadelphia area, and the world.

The Cheyney University Honors Academy is framed by its honors curriculum. The honors curriculum enables Academy members to take certain courses with smaller class sizes and elevated interdisciplinary discussions. The honors curriculum spans courses and academic disciplines from across the entire campus and brings high-achieving students together under the foci of particular courses. The honors curriculum culminates with the presentation at the yearly honors conference. Here, graduating honors students will present their capstone project to a public audience of peers, faculty, family, and friends. In addition to the work accomplished inside of the classroom, all Honors Academy students partake in community service and volunteer hours. For most Academy members, community service takes place through the CU Honors Academy student committees. There are a number of student committees and each is focused on a category of service designed to benefit local and/or global communities. Students volunteer for these committees and through their volunteerism, students explore their world to unite in-class learning with the practical concerns of the lived experience.

What is special about being an Honors Academy member at Cheyney is that you are empowered to create your own unique journey and embrace the possibilities of your future. While Cheyney will provide the resources, the leadership, the support, and the love necessary for your success, you will be the one to piece them all together and to create something specifically aimed at your academic and professional goals.

From your orientation and induction into the Cheyney University Honors Academy until the time you graduate with Honors distinction, you will remain supported within an environment of peers, faculty, advisors, and alumni.

On behalf of Cheyney University and the CU Honors Academy, I welcome you and look forward to working with you to fulfill your academic goals, your professional aspirations, and your dreams of becoming an agent of change.

Dr. Eric Schumacher, Director of Cheyney University Honors Academy