Completing the following will ensure successful registration into classes, eliminate potential delays and/or additional costs associated with late registration:

  • Meet with your academic advisor for counseling and to select courses for the new semesters. A listing of available courses is available here.
  • Ensure that you are following the curriculum worksheet for your degree program. Always keep a copy of your Curriculum Worksheet.
  • To Register verify access to the PowerCampus Self-Service system. If you can’t sign on immediately contact the IT Helpdesk at 610-399-2222 or by email at
  • If you see that your account has a stop on it, usually indicated by a picture of a red stop sign shown in SELF-SERVICE, this will prevent you from registering. You should:
    1. Identify the stop type (i.e. Bursar, Registrar, Housing, etc.)
    2. Contact the department to find out what needs to be done to have the stop removed.
    3. If you have more than one stop, you will need to contact each department.
    4. After you have done what was requested by the department(s), make sure the stop has been removed from your account (stop sign picture is gone.)
  • Add the classes that were recommended by your advisor to your registration cart in PowerCampus Self-Service.
  • Submit your registration cart and verify the classes that you registered for using Self-Service are on your schedule. If you do not see them, chances are something happened during the registration process and the classes are still in your cart. Go back and complete the registration process and review your schedule again.
  • Please note that you are not permitted to attend a class you are not registered for. It is your responsibility, not an advisor’s or professor’s, to ensure you are on the roster for a class.
  • Make sure you have filed the 2020-2021 FAFSA to apply for financial assistance to pay for college. Applications are available online at and should be filed by April 1 to maximize your funding options. You can also apply for internal scholarships available or view some external scholarship options available.
  • Ensure that you are financially cleared for the semester: Being financially cleared means that you have secured enough funding, including financial aid, to pay your entire semester bill. Students should obtain a Financial Clearance from the Bursar’s Office! Any student not cleared by the bill due date will be dropped from all classes by the financial purge/drop date. Once a student is dropped from a class roster, they are not permitted to attend that class.
  • Sign up for On-Campus Housing and/or Purchase Your Parking Permit (if needed). Please check with the Residence Life and Housing office for information on signing up for on-campus housing for 2020-2021. All continuing students must be signed up by the On-Campus Housing deadline.
  • If you will bring a car to campus, even if you are commuting, you need to purchase a parking permit. Information on how to obtain and purchase a Parking Permit is available.