Through a comprehensive array of resources, services, and programs, our on-campus Academic Success Center provides ongoing assistance and development to help you maximize your academic achievement and become a more efficient, effective learner:


Computer Lab

Fully-functional with 21st century technology enhancements.

Quiet & Group Study/ Work Areas

Group and private areas are available for you to prepare class presentations for special projects, or to enjoy consistently quiet study spaces.

Writing Assistance

Across all classes and disciplines, the Academic Support Center provides a specialized team of expert Writing Assistants who are committed to our students’ skill development and overall writing excellence.

1-on-1 Academic Support Strategy Sessions

Opportunities for individual guidance and ongoing coaching for sustained academic excellence are made available for each student.


Tutoring is provided by both undergraduate peers and professionals in the following subject areas:

  • Mathematics & Sciences
  • Psychology
  • English & Writing
  • Foreign Languages
  • Fine Arts
  • Social & Political Sciences

Supplementary Instruction (SI) Services

We know that historically, certain courses at Cheyney have consistently proven to pose challenges for our students. Generally, these are “gatekeeper” courses for first and second year students, and have a 30% or higher proportion of students who receive a “D,” fail or withdrawal (DFW rate). Cheyney SI is a unique, non-remedial service that designed to improve success and retention in those courses by matching students with supplementary instructors. In a collaborative setting, our prefessional and/or peer leaders partner with faculty and students to discuss readings, compare notes, participate in lectures and share ideas for improving the classroom experience.

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program

This innovative resource offers intensive, continuous academic and personal support and guidance, along with additional grant/aid scholarships for a select number of students. Funded by the Department of Education, the TRIO SSS program serves 140 eligible students through a holistic approach that is specifically designed to increase retention and inspire active participation in the successful completion of students’ postsecondary educational goals. Specific programming includes:

Writing Assistants Program

Our professional writing assistants offer one-on-one consultations at all stages of the writing process, including brainstorming and choosing topics, integrating sources, drafting, revising, editing, and proper citation.

While students are responsible for their own work, our writing assistants provide critical guidance on APA, MLA, and other academic styles to help students build confidence and improve their writing skills at all levels. Students are welcome to bring homework, essays, and research papers to the Writing Center, or to receive feedback on a walk-in basis. However, to assure the highest level of assistance (especially if a deadline is approaching), a scheduled appointment is always highly recommended.

Early Alert Program (Upcoming)

Cheyney University is committed to providing our students with the resources to enjoy an exceptional educational experience that ultimately ends with the successful completion of their degree. Today, we’re exploring a number of proactive academic support services that encourage ongoing communication and collaboration between faculty, staff, peer advisors, and students.

Our vision for these resources is to provide early, successful intervention for students who continue to display behaviors that put them at academic, social, financial or personal risk. Stay tuned for more information and the official launch of the Early Alert Program.

Center Hours (General Advising, Scheduling, Coaching, Mentoring)


9:00am – 9:00pm


9:00am – 5;00pm

Computer Lab & Writing Center Hours (Tutoring, Writing Assistance, Supplemental Instruction)

Monday – Thursday***

2:00pm – 9:00pm


10:00am – 5:00pm


2:00pm – 7:00pm

***NOTE: Any time that the ASC is open, the Computer Lab & Writing Center is available and accessible for studying, finishing class assignments, peer mentor meetings, or other projects. For specific personalized services, students should carefully consult the listed hours to maximize their time with our academic support team.

Study-A-Thon Hours

At the close of each semester and in preparation for final xxams, the ASC invites students to finish the semester strong by coming to the center for early and extended study time. Students will also be able to catch up on missing assignments, review class content that they may have missed or need assistance in understanding, or simply enjoy a focused environment to study for finals.


The ASC provides employment opportunities for current undergrads, graduate students or professionals with tutoring, mentoring, or other academic support skills. For more information on employment opportunities at Cheyney University,  click here