Join the Zoom Reception and screening of the Documentary ‘Trauma Finds Expression’, March 18th @ 4PM!


A mural and documentary of 31 individual panels created by students, alumni, and faculty with the theme of Trauma and how the Arts promote healing.


Under the direction of Dr. Marietta Dantonio-Madsen

Sponsors and Volunteers
With gratitude we thank the following people, for, without their support, this project could not happen:

  • Mr. Steven L. Madsen for his time and efforts in creating the wooden hexagon panels for this amazing project.
  • Through Cheyney Alumni and liaison, Althea Harris, and under the direction of Jazell White, Art’s chair for the AKA, PBO chapter, a donation was provided by the Arts Program of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, Phi Beta Omega Chapter- located in Montgomery County.
  • Cheyney University, Office of the Provost, for believing in the project to help students heal as they express through the arts.
  • Amir Campbell for all the extra time and effort he put into making the documentary.
  • Professor Joel Keener, for his graphics work



  1. Amethyst K. Bias
  2. Marietta Dantonio-Madsen
  3. Shay-Lon Edwards
  4. Veronica Martin
  5. Professor Helena Domenic
  6. Professor Helena Domenic
  7. Mik Ponds
  8. Mik Ponds
  9. Ava Roberts
  10. Ke’ Shauna Sheffield
  11. Ke’ Shauna Sheffield
  12. Madeson-Paiyge Colbert
  13. Madeson-Paiyge Colbert
  14. Khalil Abdullahi
  15. Marietta Dantonio-Madsen
  16. Jazmyn Robinson
  17. Professor Joel T. Keener
  18. Professor Joel T. Keener
  19. Akira Condry
  20. Akira Condry
  21. Marietta Dantonio-Madsen
  22. Amir Campbell
  23. Amir Campbell
  24. ShaiAnn Riley
  25. Amir Campbell
  26. ShaiAnn Riley
  27. Olivia Goode
  28. Ariel Brown
  29. Alan D. Graham III
  30. Jazmyn Robinson
  31. Lakhisha Riley