October 9, 2023

Tamiah Morrison, the 51st Miss Cheyney, Talks Her Inspiration & Platform

Tamiah Morrison, the 51st Miss Cheyney, Talks Her Inspiration & Platform
Tamiah Morrison during her Coronation as the 51st Miss Cheyney, October 2023

Tamiah Morrison, senior criminal justice major from Claymont, DE is inducted as the 51st Miss Cheyney during her Coronation on October 7, 2023.

Q: Why did you choose to attend Cheyney?

TAMIAH: I chose to attend Cheyney because I didn’t want to attend school in my own state. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and attend an HBCU. So, in wanting to attend an HBCU why not attend the First HBCU and be a part of history, a blueprint.

Q: What is the platform (the causes) you are running on and why is this important to you? In other words, how do your personal passions and beliefs inform your work as Ms. Cheyney?

TAMIAH: My platform is “Be your Own Hero” which encourages students to go out and try new things, join orgs and to be the best versions of themselves regardless of obstacles that may be in the way.

My platform is important to me because I am setting an example for students who believe they cannot do things due to obstacles they may be facing and for people to truly start believing in themselves and beating the odds society has placed against them. Some people don’t know this, but I have Severe Anxiety before every performance before I get up and speak, I am terrified, but I do it to prove to myself and others you can do anything you put your mind to. I am also in the process of going blind, growing up I was told that I couldn’t drive, play sports and that I should just try to enjoy life while I can see. I didn’t let that stop me and everyday I’m proving not only to myself but to everyone who said I couldn’t do something that I can and if you truly want to you can too.

Q: What motivated you to run for Miss Cheyney?

TAMIAH: The 47th Miss Cheyney University Kiyana T. Roberts. She was such an amazing queen and seeing all the things she did really inspired me to want to reign as powerful and strong and leave my mark with this beautiful legacy. She was the first HBCU queen I have ever met, and her spirit was so amazing and pure.

Q: In what ways do you believe being Ms. Cheyney will prepare you for your future?

TAMIAH: I believe being Miss Cheyney is preparing me for the future in so many ways including time management, multitasking, working with different personalities and public speaking.

Q: What are some of the challenges you face as Miss Cheyney and how do you overcome them?

TAMIAH: Severe Anxiety, Mood disorder and Blindness. I overcome them by pushing myself to be the best I can be. The student body motivates me to want to be better so I can be an example of someone who’s going through the same problem, someone who constantly puts themselves down thinking I can’t do things but, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Q: How do you look at the responsibility of your role here on campus and what do you think students can learn from you?

TAMIAH: I look at my role here on campus as being a Female student leader set to empower/motivate the student body. I believe students can learn a lot from me especially those who been here since 2020 and can see the difference how I am actively trying to make Cheyney better that I’m trying to give students more opportunities to better themselves and engage is student activities. I have set goals to also put Cheyney on the map and every room I have walked in, you cannot forget the name Cheyney University Of Pennsylvania, The Nations First HBCU.