June 15, 2020

Sure-BioChem Laboratories Brings Testing Facility to Cheyney University’s State-of-the-Art Science Center

Sure-BioChem Laboratories Brings Testing Facility to Cheyney University’s State-of-the-Art Science Center

(CHEYNEY, PA – June 15, 2020) – Sure-BioChem Laboratories (SBL), LLC, a Camden-based company that provides microbial and chemistry testing services, announced today that it signed an agreement with Cheyney University of Pennsylvania to operate a lab in the University’s state-of-the-art Science Center.

SBL, which is an Minority Women-Owned Small Business, conducts testing and analysis for a wide array of industries and businesses across the country such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and manufacturing. The company ensures products like medical devices, medicines, cosmetics, food and water are developed and maintained in a sterile, safe environment that meet all federal guidelines.

“Partnering with Cheyney University is an excellent opportunity to nourish and grow a relationship that can cultivate new, young scientists,” said Rafiq Heigler, Chief Operating Officer at Sure-BioChem Laboratories. “We look forward to providing opportunities to introduce students to science and help them develop a career path in this field.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to learn and work in science-related careers,” said Cheyney University President Aaron A. Walton. “Sure-BioChem Laboratories will add to our ongoing corporate collaborations and provide more internships and career development opportunities for our students.”

SBL is one of several businesses referred to Cheyney by Mosaic Development Partners, a Philadelphia-based real estate developer, which was engaged by the University in 2019 to advise on its campus monetization efforts.

“We are excited that Sure-BioChem Laboratories will join the growing list of cutting-edge companies operating on Cheyney’s campus,” said Mosaic Partner Leslie Smallwood-Lewis. “This arrangement marries SBL’s lab testing expertise with Cheyney’s world-class infrastructure and bright, eager students.”

SBL will occupy its new space at Cheyney by the end of June. It will be a cohesive operation formed by several sectors working together, including lab technicians processing samples, project managers generating reports for customers, field technicians collecting samples and a sales and marketing team. Teams go into the field to conduct testing and the lab receives samples to examine and provide a thorough analysis.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been several new industries looking for assistance from services provided by SBL, especially with the heightened attention to having clean surface areas. This is a potential business surge for SBL, which has been specializing in surface sampling since it started more than 10 years ago.

“The purpose of our testing services is to validate businesses’ cleaning processes,” said Heigler. “The only way to know if a surface is actually clean is if it is tested. Fitness centers will need to verify if surfaces are clean. Companies that produce new disinfect agents will need to confirm that their products kill high-performing microorganisms. Our lab services can accommodate all of these new opportunities.”

Heigler indicated that Cheyney is an attractive location SBL wanted to partner with a leading Historically Black College/University. As a graduate of Delaware State University, Heigler holds a sincere passion for HBCUs.

“We have a strong desire to introduce the life sciences to the HBCU community,” said Heigler. “It is an underrepresented career and this is an opportunity to create a viable option for the students.”

“We are ready to present our campus with the passion and motivation that Sure-BioChem is offering our academic community,” said President Walton. “We could not be more thrilled to expand our efforts to prepare our students for their future careers while they are still matriculating at Cheyney.”

SBL is the latest business to locate its operations on campus as part of Cheyney’s successful monetization efforts. Also, several life science companies already located to the new Science Center, providing paid internships for students and conducting research in innovative areas such as cancer studies, analytical sciences and pharmaceuticals. The new corporate partnerships include:

· Epcot Crenshaw Corporation, a company that develops technologies to solve environmental problems;

· Navrogen, a bio-pharma research and development (R&D) operations company, focused on cancer research; and

· ASI Chemicals, a start-up firm that manufactures chemicals for pharmaceutical products.

SBL and the firms above will be joined by Advanced Alchemy Labs, a company that farms and processes hemp for medicinal purposes. It will begin operating a facility on Cheyney’s campus in the second half of the year.


About Cheyney – Founded in 1837, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania is the nation’s oldest historically Black institution of higher education. Building on this legacy, the vision for Cheyney is to become the premier model for academic excellence, character development, and social responsibility among not only Historically Black Colleges and Universities, but in all of American higher education. The campus is located on 275 acres straddling Delaware and Chester Counties. Read more at www.cheyney.edu.

About Sure-BioChem Laboratories – Established in 2009, it is a contract testing laboratory partnering with government, pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology medical device and food industries as an efficient outsourcing solution. The mission of SBL is to provide the highest quality microbiological and chemical analytical testing services by acting with high moral principle, adhering to the highest professional standards and maintaining the trust and confidence of all with whom we engage. www.surebiochem.com