August 31, 2018

Cheyney Junior Arynn Pratt Appointed to Serve on PA Board of Education

Cheyney Junior Arynn Pratt Appointed to Serve on PA Board of Education

Cheyney student Arynn Pratt’s recent appointment by The State Board of Education to serve as a student representative will place her perspective on policies that affect current and future Pennsylvania students at the forefront.

In her role, the Psychology and Biology double major and Keystone Honors Academy (KHA) scholar, will serve as a junior student representative on the Council of Higher Education alongside a 21-member board that work with the state Department of Education, policymakers and educators to review, develop and adopt regulations that govern significant components of both basic and higher education.

“I first became interested in pursuing this opportunity because I wanted to have an impact on educational policies,” said Pratt who was formally recommended for the role by Cheyney President Aaron A. Walton and KHA Director Nicole Rayfield. “I believe that it is important for students to voice their perspectives on policies and procedures that directly affect them.”

Although she, and her fellow student board representatives, are non-voting members Pratt recognizes the significance that her presence on the board will serve as she will not only offer a student viewpoint but will also bring the unique perspective of a current HBCU student to the table.

“Being able to represent Cheyney in a positive way, as a student who knows all of the remarkable things that are taking place here and can speak on them firsthand will help to positively influence the decisions that are being made for us,” shared Pratt.

Though this will be her first time serving as a state appointed board member, Pratt is no stranger to leadership and advisory roles. She has previously held the title of former President and Vice President of the Keystone Honors Council and is also a member of the faculty/student honors council, where she comprises one of their two student members, and the CU judicial committee.

The ambitious Cheyney junior has also been diligently working over the summer to complete a highly competitive, 7-week internship with the University Of Pittsburgh’s School Of Medicine where she completed research on traumatic brain injury (TBI) through their Cure TBI Scholars program. The CURE TBI Scholars program trains students from backgrounds often underrepresented in biomedical, health services or clinical research in mentored traumatic brain injury bench, clinical or translational research.

Pratt is slated to begin all duties with the State Board of Education this fall.