Whether you are interested in attending a workshop, enjoying cultural activity, joining one of our clubs and organizations, or volunteering for a charitable cause, Cheyney University has all the bases covered. At CU, we pride ourselves in academic excellence, character development, and social responsibility — but we also ensure that students have the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of activities and social events.

While we work to implement our new Event Management System (EMS), the following procedure will be implemented effective immediately. In order to adequately service all reservations on campus, the Vendor Services and Events department has outlined the following steps for communicating in the system’s absence:  


  • All new EVENT requests must be submitted at least 15 business days (three weeks) prior to the event date. All new MEETING requests must be submitted at least 3 days prior to the meeting. Please note: Vendor Services and Events has an approval window from Mondays to Wednesdays by close of business. Be advised that if you submit your event on any other day, your event will not be approved until the following approval date, which may result in an event request denial if not submitted two weeks from the date it was received. This does not mean you cannot have an event on a Thursday or Friday, it means event requests will be held for approval until Monday. Cancellation of an event must be submitted via email at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event. 
  • Submit your event request by using this form: On-Campus Event Reservation Request Form. Prior to submitting a request, you must review the current university calendar to ensure your event does not overlap with another event. If your event coincides with another event, your event request may be subject to rejection. 
    • If you are requesting catering, you must submit your order at least 15 business days or 3 weeks in advance of the event date. See below for more info on available catering services. 
    • Advisor/Requestor of event must be in attendance for the entire program or event (contact Vendor Services and Events for more information) 
    • Space is secured on a “first request, first secured” basics.   
    • No candles or any open flame are permitted in any University facilities.
    • Organization is responsible to return room/space back to the condition room was received and is responsible for removal of any food or trash in space reserved  
    • Furniture is not to be removed from space designed for meeting/programs.  
    • Nothing may be taped, stapled, or otherwise affixed to walls, floors, windows or doors.  
    • Student clubs and organizations events will not be scheduled during the last week of classes and during finals. Only Academic departments and organizations may schedule academic events during this time.  
    • An alternative location will be suggested if the requested space has already been reserved.   
  • You must receive an “APPROVED” notice from the Vendor Services and Events department BEFORE you can proceed with your event. If you do not receive an approved notice by Wednesday, close of business, but you submitted your request during the approval period, contact the Vendor Services and Events department at vsande@cheyney.edu ASAP. 
  • Once your event is approved, you must contact the Communications department and submit a flyer at least 10 business days or 2 weeks in advance. If you need a flyer or photography/videography services, you must make those requests at the same time. Flyers or media requests received by the Communications Office less than 10 days in advance are subject to rejection. 
  • Events with off campus guests must provide names to Campus Police.  
  • If purchasing goods and services, you must begin working with the business office and submit required documentation at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure your order can be procured in a timely manner.  
  • Request for programs/events in the Resident Halls or Academic Buildings must have approval from the Director/Chair of Department of that building before they can be approved.
    • The only room available to reserve in the residence halls is the UPS Room in the LLC. This room will be used for student organizations meetings only. The advisor should set the meeting up 2-3 weeks prior to the meeting and provide a list of attendees 3 hours prior to the meeting. Note: The conference room in Humphreys conference room is currently offline.


To follow up on or make an inquiry on requesting revisions to an existing event request please email vsande@cheyney.edu. Remember: Cancellation of an event must be submitted via email at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event.


Please contact the Vendor Services and Events department for space availability, pricing, and event coordination. 


Aramark is the sole food and beverage contractor of Cheyney University. Therefore, no outside catering is allowed for public or student organizational events held on the University’s main campus. All orders can be placed on Cheyney University’s catering website and all requests must be placed at least 15 business days or 3 weeks in advance of the event. Should you have any follow-up questions or concerns, please contact the University’s catering team at torres-ivette1@aramark.com or 610-399-2071. 


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