Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Cardholder is responsible for the security of the card. If a card is lost or stolen, it is up to the cardholder to deactivate the card at the Information Technology Department to prevent fraudulent use. The cardholder can also call the Office of Information Technology to request its deactivation.

If the cardholder finds the card and has deactivated it, the cardholder may bring the found card to the Office of Information Technology to be reactivated.

Will my Wolf Card work after graduation?

No, your Wolf Card will be deactivated and you will need to sign-up for an Alumni card after you graduate from Cheyney.

What is the difference between meal plans and flex dollar spending account?

A meal plan is a prepaid account for on-campus meals. A variety of plan options offer a set amount of meals per day throughout the term. In addition, plans may include extra money that can be spent on snacks or other meals. A flex dollar spending account is a prepaid debit account. Funds added to flex dollar account may be used for purchases at any time and as often as desired.  No transactions will be processed once the balance is depleted.

Can I get a cash advance from my Wolf Card account?

No, you may not receive a cash advance from a Wolf Card account.

Is there a fee for a new or replacement card?

There is no charge for your initial Wolf Card; however, students are charged a fee to replace a lost, damaged, or stolen card. If a card is deemed to have a malfunction, it will be replaced at no charge. Please present your malfunctioning card to the Office of Information Technology; otherwise, your card is considered lost and subject to a replacement fee.

Why does it cost so much to replace a Wolf Card?

When compiling the cost for replacing a Wolf Card, many factors must be considered including the cost of the equipment and supplies such as cameras, printers, ID cards, ribbons, computer hardware and software, as well as, staff salary to process the Wolf Card updates, billing, etc. Your card is a lot more than just a piece of plastic; there are several technologies on one card making it multi-functional.

How can I add money to my Wolf Card account?

Funds may be added to your Wolf Card accounts at the Bursar Office.