January 19, 2021

Victor Wright

Victor Wright

Cheyney student Victor Wright always wanted a career in which he could help other people. He was interested in becoming an attorney, but was really good at science and began cultivating an interest in the biosciences, particularly biology. Wright graduated from Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School, and Cheyney made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“They offered me a full-ride scholarship,” he said. “My academics were excellent, and I came in with 15 extra credits when I graduated from Boys’ Latin. I was able to attain those credits from different internships and a dual enrollment at the University of Pennsylvania. My internship at the Perelman Center involved giving a comforting hand to cancer patients. It was very rewarding.”

Wright engaged in multiple internships while at Boys’ Latin in preparation for his post-high-school education. One of those internships involved studies at the Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians. The Mutter Museum’s education program is geared toward middle and high school students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, and partners with area schools to expose students to the wide variety of careers in healthcare and biosciences.

“The Mutter Museum is basically a cadaver museum and so much more. It’s the first and largest museum of medical knowledge,” Wright said. “It’s a museum of medical history. They have preserved collections of anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments. It was a way for general medicine to be studied at the time. They have skeletons of the tallest and smallest people who ever lived. They have preserved Albert Einstein’s brain. It was an amazing experience.”