welcome to the Office of Sponsored programs

The mission of Cheyney University's Office of Sponsored Programs is to:

1. enhance and facilitate the ability of students and faculty to develop as researchers by providing research experiences between students and faculty.

2. secure educational programming, technology enhancements and economic/community development for the University through successful competition for external funding.

This mission will be accomplished while maintaining responsible stewardship of extramural sponsored projects as directed by the values of the Office of University Advancement & External Relations, applicable federal, state, and agency regulations/policies and in fulfillment of Cheyney University’s six goals as articulated in Cheyney University's Strategic Plan, Pathways to Excellence:

Goal 1: Strengthen Academic Quality and Excellence
Goal 2: Advance Student Achievement and Success
Goal 3: Manage and secure fiscal resources and facilities needed to enhance institutional effectiveness
Goal 4: Nurture Human Capital
Goal 5: Cultivate Public Engagement and Citizenship
Goal 6: Use technology pervasively to enhance teaching and learning; including support services, business processes; and; the procurement of external support

On the side menu you will find resources to help you learn about and seek sponsored research to support your development, opportunities for your students and the growth of Cheyney University!

For further information please contact: mdbrown@cheyney.edu  University Advancement and External Relations Office


We look forward to working with you!!!