Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Management

The liberal arts recreation program, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science, educates students as generalists in the field, preparing them for job opportunities in any recreation setting.

The program provides:

  • The understanding of concepts, of leisure philosophies, of recreation and the development of a personal professional philosophy of recreation
  • A knowledge of the nature and history of the recreation movement, its origin and current trends
  • The knowledge of public, voluntary, institutional, industrial, and commercial recreation
  • Opportunities to demonstrate competence, academic knowledge, and physical skills for eminent leadership recreation
  • Training for professionals capable of presenting and evaluating challenging recreational opportunities and educational experiences so that people may be enriched through enjoyable and productive leisure.

Students choosing to major in recreation should discuss their program with the department advisor in their freshman year. Because some courses are given only in the fall and others only in the spring, detailed outlines of program requirements should be obtained from the department and followed closely for all four years. 

Course Descriptions

REC 213 Beginning Swimming (2)
For the non-swimmer or the swimmer with limited skills. Basic skills fundamental to swimming: body and breath control, rhythmic breathing, propulsion, floating, kick and arm strokes. Safety habits.

REC 214 Intermediate Swimming (2)
To develop and improve skills and to introduce different styles of swimming, the American crawl, side, breast, and back strokes. Safety procedures.

REC 215 Advanced Swimming (2)
A review of styles of swimming, skills, water safety procedures, and advanced lie saving.

REC 216 Advanced Beginner’s Swimming (2)
For the beginning swimmer with some basic skills in the water. A continuation of beginning skills on an advanced level.

REC 310 Safety Education (3)
Offered: Spring term. The organization and administration of safety procedures relevant to recreation areas. Methods of imparting safety education to the recreationist.

REC 314 Methods of Health and Physical Education (2)
Required for elementary education majors. Materials, methods, and techniques essential for the teaching of health and physical education.

REC 315 Gender, Equity and Diversity in Sport (3)
This course is designed to explore and analyze gender roles, equity, sexual orientation and diversity in the sports world. Personal and social values in contemporary sports will be discussed. The course will introduce federal and state laws that effect sports in the areas of sex, race, and discrimination.

REC 316 Leisure in Modern Society (3)
Offered: Fall term. History and development of the recreation movement and (1) the nature of the recreation experience and its important to the individual, (2) the influence of leisure on society, and (3) philosophies of recreation.

REC 317 Recreation Programs (3)
Prerequisites: REC 316 Offered: Spring term. Research of recreational settings and programs offered. Criteria for evaluation for use in student visits to various recreation settings in the community.

REC 318 Facility Management (3)
Prerequisite: REC 310 and 316. The latest design concepts related to recreation and park facilities including commercial and public facilities. Design and maintenance as they relate to each other and to programs and administration. Principles of planning areas and facilities for recreation and parks are explored. In addition to the design and construction of specific recreation facilities, approaches to standards and planning will be discussed.

REC 319 Leadership I (3)
Offered: Fall term. Leadership and its responsibilities in the various program areas. Techniques, methods, procedures, and skills of a leader in recreation.

REC 320 Recreation Management (3)*
Prerequisites: REC 310 and 321. Offered: Spring term. Administrative practices and legal aspects of recreational services; principles of planning and operation of recreation area and facilities; financial and business procedures; practices and evaluation.

REC 321 Camp Organization and Management (3)
Offered: Fall term. The organization and administration of camp operations. The philosophies of different types of camps, programming problems, and personnel.

REC 322 Leadership II. (3)*
Offered: Spring term. Prerequisites: REC 310, 316 and 319. Material learned in Leadership I is applied in this laboratory course which gives students a “leadership” experience within lifetime activity areas.

REC 323 – Law In Sport And Physical Activity (3)
Offered: Fall term. Students will become aware of the rights of participants, athletes, coaches, managers, teachers, referees and others engaged in amateur or professional sport.

REC 324 Sport Marketing (3)
Offered: Spring term. Emphasis is on introduction to sport marketing fundamentals, case analysis, and the application of the principles of sport marketing as applied to the sport business industry.

REC 325 Creative an Cultural Activities (3)
Offered: Fall term. Prerequisites: REC 310 and 316. The creative and cultural areas of recreation through participation and group presentation in arts and crafts, dance, dramatics, and music. Organizational procedures though group dynamics, available resources and practical experience.

REC 326 Sport & Society (3)
Offered: Fall term. Prerequisites: REC 310 and 316. A laboratory course. Beginning skills, motivational techniques, procedures, and practices associated with recreational program area of games and sports. Various forms of recreation with concentration on indoor activities.

REC 327 Outdoor Recreation (3)*
Offered: Spring term. Prerequisites: REC 310, 316, 317. The meaningful relationship of recreation to the protection of the environment. Recreational activities best carried on out-of-doors and which have a direct relationship or dependence of nature.

REC 333 First Aid (3)
Offered: Fall term. Standard first aid procedures and methods in line with the latest Red Cross techniques. Textbook theory combined with practical application.

REC 335 Therapeutic Recreation I (3)
Offered: Fall term. Theoretical rationale for the development of therapeutic recreation services for the physically disabled, mentally ill, mentally retarded, socially deviant, and geriatric groups. Leadership and development of programs.

REC 337 Therapeutic Recreation II (3)
Offered: Spring term: Prerequisites: REC 310, 316, 335. The development of a practical approach in presenting therapeutic recreation activities in institutions, present and future. Involves students in leadership roles with special populations.

REC 339 Research & Tech. In Recreation (3)
The course examines and emphasizes the practical microcomputer applications and technological capabilities specifically used in the education field stressing fiscal management, facility design and research in recreation, sports management, health and physical education.

REC 401 Recreation Field Experience (3)
Completion of all electives and at least two of three other required courses in area of concentration. Along with student teaching, a field experience provides opportunity for practical application of classroom theory in recreation field work. The student, the instructor, and the agency involved in the field experience share responsibilities.

REC 402 Internship (Majors) (35-40) and 1 hr. seminar – 12)*
Prerequisite: REC 401. Placement in a recreation setting under the supervision of a recreation professional. A weekly seminar involves the agency supervisor, faculty representative, and the student for lecture, discussion, and evaluation.

Prerequisites for Internship:

  • Application within the first month of the senior year.
  • Approval of application by department chairperson.
  • A 2.25 GPA in major courses with no grade lower than a “C” in major requirements and a 2.00 GPA overall average.
  • Completion of the curriculum of study. (No other course work may be taken in conjunction with REC 402 Internship. A student may accept payment in this placement or for any work in connection with it.)