Suite Pricing


All suites in the Living Learning Center have a common area that includes a kitchenette with sink, cabinet space microwave and refrigerator. Furniture in the common area varies small suite (2-3 residents) has a dining room table, bigger (suites (4 residents) have living room furniture that includes couches, TV stand and a dining room table.

Singles pricing:

2 person single $3,800 per semester
3 person single $3,800 per semester
4 person single $3,800 per semester

Doubles pricing:

2 person double $3,384 per semester
3 person suite Double - $3,384 per semester
Single - $3,800 per semester
4 person suite (2 double rooms) $3,684 per semester


Traditional Housing

Traditional Housing common areas are for the use of all resident in the building, these areas are serviced by the university twice a day.
Double Room $2,504 per semester
Single Room $3,306 per semester


Meal Plans Prices

All meal plans include $250 flex dollars

On- campus residents:

19-Meal Plan $1,990 per semester
14-Meal Plan $1,826 per semester



10-Meal Plan $1,511 per semester
5-Meal Plan $1,121 per semester