Housing selections

Room selection at Cheyney University is an online process.  After a new or returning student completes an online application and pays their Room Reservation Deposit, he/she will have the ability to select the residence hall and living space where they wish to reside.  Room selection is based on eligibility and availability and is done on a first-come, first-served system. Students are advised that they will not be guaranteed a housing assignment until all University business has been resolved.

The University reserves the right to make reassignments at any time based on policies and procedures disputed by the office of Student Affairs.

Complete these steps in the following order:


  • Check your student account to ensure that all University business has been resolved.
  • Contact the Bursar’s Office to verify that satisfactory financial arrangements have been made.


2018-2019 Online Housing Agreement

Housing selections will be canceled for those students who arrive after the 48 hour deadline of the move-in date. Please plan accordingly.