Employment Opportunities

The Office of Housing and Auxiliary services is dedicated to maintaining the residence halls on campus. The office is focused on creating a living learning environment by maintaining a convenient space for the growth of students in the residence halls and to offer professional development for students in our office.

We offer both work study employment, internship opportunities and Resident Advisor opportunities.

Work Study:

Work study is based on Federal financial Aid and provided to specific students on campus every semester. This position is available to both upper classmen and freshman students. As a work study employee in the office of housing operations the students assist administrative staff in maintaining office supplies, keeping inventory of the resource room and more importantly learning basic clerical work which includes answering the phones in professional manner as well as learning how to develop professional emails/reports.  We hire a minimum of three work study students in the fall semester. For more information about federal work study please see the Financial Aid home page, for inquires about work requirements and applications please contact the Housing Office.

Intern Opportunities:

Pepsi Marketing Internship:

The Office of Housing and Auxiliary Services manages an internship program supported by Pepsi.  This partnership offers an opportunity for students to actively have “on the job training.” Pepsi Marketing Internship is reserved exclusively for upper classman students. The objective is to market/endorse Pepsi Products at University events through programing and more importantly networking. Pepsi Marketing Interns are selected in the spring semester for the following school year.

Housing Operations Internship:

Housing Operations Intern is a proactive student who works directly with the administrative staff in the housing office in order to create a smooth, enjoyable, and innovative experience for students both in the residence halls and when they visit the office. Interns help the Area Coordinators in promoting programming, they create programing or events that help promote the housing office on campus and more importantly the Housing Interns are provided training in basic clerical work, this includes answering phones, responding to emails and proactively communicating policies and procedures to students.

Housing Operations internships are available to two upperclassmen students with a 2.5 GPA or higher. These students are selected in an application process in the spring semester for the following school year.

Resident Advisor:

Being a Resident Advisor opens up many doors in the college and in the professional world. The Resident Advisor position offers common work experience that helps students develop management skills, interpersonal relationships and the ability to carry out projects. The Resident Advisor staff works closely with campus security and Public Safety in order to ensure the safety of residents residing in the residence halls. They are mandated to attend all training sessions on campus and mandated to report and keep track of residents that do not seem to adjust well to independent living. RAs are your “go to” staff member for any concerns you may have because they are upperclassmen that can assist or advise on next steps.

Resident Advisors are supervised by Campus Living Assistants whose sole focus is to provide the residents support and promote academic focus.

Criteria for being a Resident Advisor is as follows:

•    2.7 GPA or higher
•    30 or more credited hours taken at Cheyney University
•    The student must have no prior judicial record.
•    Student must be in good financial standing with the university, meaning no “stops” on their accounts.