Please review the instructions before selecting the link below:


Select the link (, then select "College GPA Calculator", then proceed with the following instructions.

How to calculate your GPA

For each class, choose a letter grade from the drop-down menu. Enter the grade and earned credit for each class. For example, if you have earned A for a 4 credit class, then enter 4 in the box next to the “A.”

**Note: The selection to "ADD ANOTHER CLASS" or  "ADD ANOTHER SEMESTER" looks like a black box, until you select the option with the mouse.

College GPA Calculator Semester GPA

Continue to enter counts of all your grades earned in coursework. Your “Semester GPA” is calculated and shown above “Add another class” button. Your GPA will be calculated for all the subjects and grades you enter. It’s alright if you have fewer than 5 classes to enter. If you have more than 5 classes, you can click the “Add another class” button as many times as you need.

College GPA Calculator Semester GPA Total

Click “Add another class” if you need to add more class. Add “Add another semester” button if you need to add more semester. Your “Overall GPA” for all semesters is calculated and shown at the bottom of the class list below “Add another semester” button – it’s that easy!

College GPA Calculator Cumulative GPA