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safety tips


Listed below are some personal safety tips. When shopping, take time to make sure your vehicle is locked and all packages are locked in the trunk of the vehicle where a potential thief can't see them.   Always lock your vehicle or use an anti-theft security device.

  • When shopping at area shopping malls, don't carry you cash all in one place. DO NOT KEEP IT IN YOUR PURSE! Keep some in a pocket or small purse that you can wear inside your coat or jacket. If possible, only carry those credit cards you intend to use on your shopping spree. Always carry your handbag close to your body, to make it more difficult for a potential purse-snatcher.
  • Never fight a thief!  You may be injured. Scream as loud as you can. Make as much noise as possible so you can attract other witnesses and help. Then notify the police immediately and provide as much information as possible, description, license number, direction of travel and any other pertinent information. If police are armed with this information, they can quite often make an arrest.
  • Whether on public transportation or in your own personal vehicle, be constantly alert to your surroundings and possible unsafe areas.   Avoid dark or dimly lit parking areas, especially if you are alone. We suggest having your vehicle keys ready when you approach your vehicle. Check the interior of your vehicle, before you enter your car. Don't take a short cut through a dark alley or driveway. If you become a victim of a crime, try to remain calm. Get a good look at the person; make a mental note of just what they were wearing, color of hair, eyes and whatever else you can observe.
  • If you are reporting a crime-in-progress, emphasize that point first when talking with the Dispatcher. Then, stay on the phone to give the Dispatcher all additional information. If you wish to be contacted by the responding officer, please inform the Dispatcher of your request.
  • Report suspicious persons and activities as soon as possible. Your Police Department can only function effectively with the assistance of concerned responsible citizens. In the event you see a suspicious person, you are encouraged to watch the person. Suspicious circumstances are not always considered criminal in nature. The response time can be extended depending on the time of day, number of calls for service, and information you give the dispatcher.
  • If you see an unfamiliar vehicle parked on campus - record the license number and description of the vehicle. If the vehicle is occupied and the driver appears suspicious, CALL THE POLICE, 610-399-2405 (CU office extension 2405). Example: A person walking down the street "looking suspicious" would not be as high a priority as a person walking down the street trying to open car doors.
  • Call 610-399-2405 (or extension 2405 from a CU office phone) or 911 if you are not on Campus, EVERY time you hear noises that are similar to gunshots. EVERY CALL is important!
  • You need not identify yourself, however, the Cheyney Police Department appreciates knowing who called, since they may need additional information after the Officer arrives. If you are not sure if your call is an emergency, then call 610-399-2405 (or, CU office extension 2405). The Dispatcher will tell you what to do or refer you to a business line. Most important, when there is an emergency or when you feel suspicious about something, call 610-399-2405 (Extension 2405).

    Be Safe!