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The John Celley Health and Safety Committee met on thursday november 18, 2010 at 2:00 PM


Carl Williams, Lawrence Richards, Joanne Harris, Jacqueline Benson, Dennis Wilcox, Tammy Thompson



Agenda Item #1  -  Access to Campus - Rear Gate to be closed

Option Points raised:


Rear Gates closed – Front Gate manned by Police
Campus Entry
1.       Rear gate will be closed – access restricted.
2.       Front gate – Security Booth – will be staffed 24 hours per day
3.       All vehicles and pedestrians will be stopped and checked for identification.  Vehicles entering must have a displayed access sticker.
4.       Visitors to the Dorms will be directed to the Cheyney Police Department to register and obtain a visitors pass to a specific Dormitory. A valid picture ID must be presented.  Visitors will then be sent to the specific Dorm.  Upon entry to the Dorm, the visitor must present the Dorm pass and provide their ID to the Security Officer. A new pass will be issued to the visitor for the specific room.  The visitor’s ID will be held in the slot of the specific room they are visiting until the visitor is ready to leave the Dorm. The student they are visiting must come down to the front desk and sign the visitor in.  If the student is not home, the visitor will then be instructed to leave campus.  Once the visitor is ready to leave the Dorm, the room pass will be given back to the Security officer and their ID will then be released.  Upon receipt of their ID, Security will then notify police at the Entrance gate that this visitor will be exiting the campus within a few minutes.



Carl Williams Report:
The control gates, perimeter , gate house, fencing, additional video cameras, emergency call devices were installed as part of DGS Project 403-78. The value of the project was $3,850,000.
The Professional selected by the State (Ram Tech Engineers) did a site survey and found deficiencies for control point around campus, emergency phone coverage and security camera coverage for exterior building locations. Those concerns were implemented in the project.
Then Public Safety Director Bell and the writer attended a Ready Campus Crisis Planning Conference and received information regarding surveillance, cameras, and emergency call box solutions and recommended same to Ram Tech Engineers.
URS Corporation was contracted by the PASSHE System to do campus assessments relating to crisis planning and hazard mitigation. The results of their survey revealed the need to artificially close the campus perimeter and keep vehicles away from our building perimeters. This information was conveyed to Ram Tech Engineers for the project.
The Pennsylvania State Police on the Governors initiate for safety visited State University campus and found similar findings to those above specifically those of campus vehicle control and access.
During Wallace Arnolds tenure as President a contract was to Affiliated Security Consultants of Washington D.C. for campus security assessment, the findings recommended closing the campus to through vehicular traffic, perimeter control, more surveillance cameras, lighting enhancements, and perimeter access control.
Therefore, Ram Tech’s recommendation was to close the Cheyney Road gate and have one primary and monitored entrance. The primary entrance would remain open and only be closed in the event of crisis situation. 50 cameras were added to campus along with 12 additional emergency call phones. Bollards were installed at critical points to prevent vehicular access to the main campus and campus buildings. This included a perimeter fence for vehicle access.


Decision or Recommendations:
Close all gates except the Front Main Gate – ready by Spring Semester


Agenda Item #2 - Mandatory Display of ID at all times on outer garment

Agenda Item #2:
Mandatory to wear ID’s on outer clothing
All personnel, students, staff, faculty and administrators will be required to wear their Cheyney ID on their outer clothing.
Decision or Recommendations:
Recommend wearing of ID’s on outer clothing for all.


Agenda Item #3 - Video Surveillance Cameras

Agenda Item #3:
Camera Installations – Present and Future
# of Cameras
(These cameras are not located on living quarter floors of the dorms where most fights occur – Cameras are located on the 1st floor only and outside)
Tubman Hall
Yarnall Hall
King Hall
Truth Hall
Emlen Hall
Marcus Foster
University grounds
Current Total
Future Installments (completed by late November – early December)
Total with additional grant monies
Biddle Hall
Wade Wilson
McKnight Rogers
New Dorm
Total upon project completion


Replacement of Lost or Damaged ID

Option Points raised:

Discussion -Recommendations


Tasks to be done

 Minutes - Chief Richards

DGS Project Report - Carl Williams


Next Meeting Date

To be announced in January 2011