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Emergency Call Boxes

These call boxes can be used for any kind of assistance, as well as to report any incident, including:

  • Crimes
  • Suspicious persons
  • Lost, found or stolen property
  • Medical problems
  • Fire
  • Ask Directions
  • Request a personal escort

All call boxes connect directly to the Communications Center at the Cheyney Police Department - 610-399-2405

All call boxes are marked by a highly visible blue light on the pole above the call box. Blue light will flash when you push the call button for quick visual signal assistance.

Cheyney University Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes Locations

  • Evangeline Rachel Park
  • Emlen Hall & Cottages
  • Robinson Parking Lot
  • Biddle & Burleigh Halls
  • Airport Parking Lot
  • Cope Annex & Football Field
  • Anderson Parking Lot
  • Library
  • Wade Wilson Lot
  • University Circle @ Tennis Courts