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Center for Fire Safety Education and Awareness

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, established in 1837, is America’s Oldest Historically Black Institution for Higher Education.  For over 170 years, we have maintained a commitment to providing access and opportunity to students of diverse backgrounds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world.  Our rich history, as well as our tradition of excellence demonstrates our ability to carry out our mission of preparing confident, competent, reflective, and visionary leaders and responsible citizens.

Cheyney University seeks to provide a nurturing, intellectually challenging, and socially enriching environment.  In doing so, we recognize our moral obligation and legal responsibility to protect and safeguard our students, faculty, staff, administrators, and visitors to our campus from environmental health and safety risks.  Equally important, we must ensure that we nurture and take care of our assets, including campus buildings and grounds.

When processes and systems of control, which are intended to provide for a reasonable level of life-safety and property protection from hazards related to fire and other dangerous situations in campus academic, administrative, and residential buildings are absent, then the ability of the University to carry out its mission and fulfill its objectives and outcomes is jeopardized.  Acknowledging the need to correct this deficiency, Cheyney University has, through the creation of the Center for Fire Safety Education and Awareness, begun the process of reconceptualizing and retooling our campus fire safety program.


The Center for Fire Safety Education and Awareness, a unit within the Cheyney University Police Department, exists primarily to oversee the implementation of the campus fire safety program, including education, engineering, and enforcement.

Secondary roles and responsibilities of the Center include, however, are not limited to the following: promulgation of policies and procedures for life-safety and property protection to the Cheyney University community; monitoring compliance with environmental health and safety mandates, specifically fire safety guidelines by the Cheyney University Community; and serving as a resource to the Cheyney University community for various fire and life-safety issues.


The Center for Fire Safety Education and Awareness at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania will become recognized as a Center of Excellence within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education in the area of Environmental Health and Safety for our efforts to reduce the loss of life and damage to property, as well as for our preparedness and response in fires and other emergency situations.


Through the initiation, implementation, and institutionalization of a wide array of prevention and intervention strategies, which incorporate communication, cooperation, and collaboration, the Center for Fire Safety Education and Awareness will focus its capital, human, and material resources to changing the behaviors of the Cheyney University community and achieving the following strategic objectives and outcomes:

  • Cheyney University has removed deficiencies as relates to the campus fire safety program and has moved into compliance with all relevant State and Federal laws, mandates, and regulations.
  • Cheyney University will boost the number of students, faculty, staff, and administrators who are familiar with, and employ effective fire safety practices.
  • Cheyney University will reduce impending environmental health and safety risks and minimize potential liability through improved data accumulation and analysis.
  • Cheyney University will capitalize on the development of partnerships with the wider community, including local police and fire agencies and corporate partners, through engagement by inviting their participation and involvement in support our efforts to implement a first-rate campus fire safety program.

Chief Lawrence W. Richards
Chief of Police                                                                                                                                                                        Cheyney University Fire Marshal                                                                                                                            

Police-Fire Liaison

Mrs. Nancy Fraley -

Sgt. Michael Brown -

Sgt. Michael Walker -

Sgt. Robert Balchunis -

Contact Information:
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McKnight Rogers


Prevention is the key! 

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