The Cheyney University Strategic Plan

A Message from Cheyney University President Aaron A. Walton
1837 flagSince its founding in 1837, Cheyney University, the nation’s oldest HBCU, has been a stalwart and highly respected institution of higher education. For 181 years our alumni have become leaders and left their mark on the social, economic, and political history of Philadelphia, the surrounding region, the nation, and the world. Building on this legacy, the vision for Cheyney University is to become the premier model for academic excellence, character development, and social responsibility.
Today, higher education is undergoing dramatic transition, with new knowledge and new technology constantly changing the teaching/learning environment. As we move ever closer to our 200th anniversary we face many challenges. To remain in the vanguard of education, we must continuously examine our existing programs and processes and ensure that we are providing our students with the best education available. We must also implement new, cutting edge programs that will attract talented students, and introduce innovative approaches to teaching that improve student learning. 
With the development of the Cheyney University Institute for the Contemporary African American Experience, Cheyney will engage partners in industry and in education to enhance research and applied learning on our campus. The institute, by design, will serve as a catalyst and facilitator in creating networks, fostering communications, and developing and testing solutions to contemporary issues around race, ethnicity, leadership, access and diversity among individuals, organizations, and communities, working beyond the walls of the academic institution.

The Cheyney University Strategic Plan charts a new path forward for the University.  Cheyney is proud of its historic past and continues to build on its legacy to provide innovations in education, research and business practices that will secure a strong future.

Thank you to the Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement Council, and to all members of the campus community who have contributed to building a plan that will secure Cheyney’s future success.

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