National Science Foundation Awards

Project Goal

The overall goal of Cheyney University’s Building Engagement and Attainment in Mathematics and the Sciences (BEAMS) project is to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation of minority students in the STEM disciplines through strong evidence-based student engagement activities.

Specific Objectives

  • Yearly High School Symposium:  Held annually in March, this one-day event brings between 50 and 100 local and regional high school students to campus for a day of sharing information about the BEAMS program and other existing programs on campus.
  • Pre-Freshmen Summer Bridge Program:  This is a six-week summer preparation program extended to students who have already been accepted to Cheyney’s BEAMS program.  These students take courses in math, and reading skills, while getting acclimated to the campus prior to the commencement of the fall semester.
  • Summer Research Program:  This program is for sophomore, junior and senior students who are encouraged to seek externally paid summer research programs.  In some cases, faculty/student team(s) conducts research at partner institutions.
  • Student Development:  Students are involved in team oriented social and educational activities.
  • Faculty Development:  STEM faculty engages in research, workshops and seminars to keep abreast of current developments in their fields.