National science foundation awards

Program Benefits

Students identified as BEAMS/BEAR scholars receive benefits that are often unavailable to regular students. The aforementioned projects were leveraged with support from other on-campus programs such as the Keystone Honors Academy, the Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP) Program, the Aquaculture Research Education Laboratory (AREL) project and several Pennsylvania Department of Health grant awards, which allowed more students than originally envisioned to participate. Through these NSF grants and other programs cited students have received and continue to receive:

  • Scholarship support for tuition and books
  • Hands-on research training on and off campus
  • Funds to attend professional and non-professional conferences
  • Tutorial help for STEM courses
  • Support for GRE exams preparation, including guidance on graduate school application
  • Other support deemed necessary for students’ success at Cheyney University.