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Natural and Applied Sciences Department

Mission Statement

The Natural and Applied Science Department offers academic programs in Biological Science, Chemistry, Physical Sciences,
Mathematics and Computer Science. Major field of study lead to Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Chemistry,
General Science, Biology/Chemistry dual, Mathematics, and Computer Science. The department also has developed an
academic/professional specialization for Aquaculture (the culture and growing of aquatic animals and plants in controlled
environments) research and education center on the Cheyney University main campus in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
The mission of the Natural and Applied Science Department is to educate and train diverse student populations in science,
technology and mathematics disciplines to become life-long learners, problem solvers, and global and environmentally
responsible citizens.

The Department provides a supporting and nurturing environment to its majors to prepare them to join the Science,
Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) workforce or enroll in a professional or a graduate school. The Department
works diligently to place interested students in research internships and research training programs, on–campus and offcampus,
to further the students’ preparation in their field of choice, and thus aid in the transition to the next level of their

The Natural and Applied Science offers courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and computer science for the
non-majors to educate all students in science, technology and mathematics.