emlen living learning center and programs

The Keystone Honors Academy offers innovative approaches to pedagogy through the Keystone Living Learning Center in Emlen Hall. The Center extends learning beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom to create an environment of ongoing scholarly dialog and participatory learning. The Center integrates academic study with social and residential experiences, and provides a venue for faculty, staff and students to interact outside of the classroom. The Center is designed to encourage faculty, staff, and student programs that foster innovative and interdisciplinary learning experiences that bring the intellectual life of the University in close alliance with the students' lives outside the classroom.

The Keystone Living Learning Center is the site for a series of lectures, films, poetry/literature readings, and “lunch time chats,” to foster this interchange of ideas between students, staff and faculty. A calendar of events is published on our website, and all members of the community are welcome to attend!

The Keystone Honors Academy Living Learning Center houses the Keystone Cyber Café, The Keystone Special Collection Library on Identity, The Scholar in Residence Program, The Office of the Dean, a seminar room, and a classroom, incorporating several learning technologies. All of these resources are available to the entire student body and campus community. The residents of the building also have access to study rooms, “group project” rooms, and lounges.