Corporate Executive Advisory Council

Mission Statement:

The Cheyney University Foundation's Executive Advisory Council contributes to the growth and development of Cheyney University students by establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with corporations, public agencies, and other private organizations, in an on-going effort to prepare its students to compete effectively in the global workforce and contribute significantly to the communities we serve.

 A comprehensive relationship with a corporation involves engaging the Time, Treasures and Talents of that corporation.  This includes:

  1. Scholarships for students.
  2. Career fairs at Cheyney University.
  3. Paid student internships.
  4. Coop opportunities – students are employed at a corporation for not more than six months and earn credit based upon the alignment of the job with the curriculum.
  5. Corporate fireside chats, where business leaders lecture on industry trends, challenges, success stories and career paths.
  6. Corporations sharing industry best practices with faculty through curriculum enhancement and industry on-site faculty professional development.

  The Membership levels are:

  1. $50,000 -  the corporation receives signage on campus, visibility on the website of Cheyney University, access to the teleconferencing center, two tickets to select athletic and cultural events, and use of the historic quad for corporate events.
  2. $25,000 – the corporation receives signage on campus, visibility on the website of Cheyney University
  3. $5,000 – small business

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Corporate Executive Advisory Council Members