French and Spanish Online Placement Tests

At Cheyney University, all students must complete two semesters (6 credits) of a modern language as required by the General Education Program.

Students who have previously studied a modern language or are native speakers will be permitted to take a placement examination to determine the level at which they will be placed. The placement test will be given at the beginning of each semester and the students will be placed in the appropriate course based on the scores received. The test may be taken only once. After taking the test the students will provide their advisor with their test scores for placement on the appropriate course. Upperclassmen who have not yet completed the language requirement and who wish to take the language exam may do so by following the instructions below.

Online Modern Language Placement test in French and Spanish

To take either test on line, please follow the instructions:

  • Click on
  • enter the password: excellence
  • choose the language for your test
  • when prompted enter your name and CU student id and click continue
  • make sure to print out your scores and select finished when you’re done