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new EMPLOYEE information

Welcome to Cheyney University of Pennsylvania!

As part of your on-boarding process, new employees are required to complete the following documents and forms as well as acknowledge receipt of certain policies from Cheyney University, PASSHE or the Board of Governors.  All these documents including the New Hire Summary Checklist MUST be returned to the Office of Human Resources. 


  • New Hire Document Checklist (Use this to ensure you bring all relevant materials to the Office of Human Resources)
  • Please read the complete Background and Minors Policies for Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.  All appointment letters will include contingency language stating that continued employment is dependent on successful completion of background screening.  Once we receive your complete new hire documents, please watch your email for instructions from our 3rd party vendor who will complete the background check process. 
  • Summary of Rights (Please Read)
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure (Print and sign) 



If you have any questions about completing any of these forms, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 610 399 2410.