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Currently, Capella has registration open for their Fall-1 session.
  • Their Fall-1 session is from Monday 8/17/20 to Friday 9/18/20.
  • The last day to submit a registration request to Cheyney’s Registrar’s office, through the consortium link, for approval is Friday 8/14/20.
  • (The last day a class can be dropped is Friday 8/28/20).

FAQ’s About the Consortium

1) Who is the host institution?

Cheyney is the Host Institution and initial point of contact. Contact the Registrar’s office for more information:

Stephanie Stevens
Associate Registrar

2) Should I fill out my profile?

Students should fill out their profile information before requesting registration for a course. A missing profile will prohibit registration requests from being processed.

3) Can I take courses at all of the colleges and universities listed?

Classes are only available from Capella and Strayer.

4) Does this offer align with Cheyney’s schedule?

Cheyney and the HBCU Consortium schools are on different credit hour systems.

5) How many courses can I take?

Students can only take a maximum of 6 credits per summer session and only 15 credits total for the Fall semester. The credit hours displayed for the HBCU Consortium courses may be different than their Cheyney equivalent because that school may be using a different credit hour system than Cheyney.


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For the SOPHIA Consortium (different than the HBCU College Consortium), students must be eligible for registration at Cheyney to participate (no registration holds, no bursar holds, etc).


If the student is eligible:
  • Student must be enrolled in at least ONE Cheyney course
  • Student goes onto the website:
  • Student sets up an account
  • Student registers themself for up to 2 courses (max), or 6 credits
  • Sophia enrolled credits are added to their Cheyney enrolled credits for the student’s total enrolled credits for the term
  • Students can’t be registered for more than 18 total credits in a term or 6 total credits for a summer term
  • (Financial Aid and Bursar need to be aware of the total enrolled credits)
  • Student will have 60 days to complete the Sophia course(s), at their own pace once enrolled
  • Sophia sends a weekly enrollment report to the Registrar’s Office
  • Students on the list will be registered in PowerCampus for a placeholder course LVH100 (Attending Host School) to show they are taking a consortium class and the number of credits  (This will show on the student’s schedule and transcripts)
  • The specific course equivalencies for the credits enrolled in will be recorded in the comment field of the LVH100 course (drill-down)
  • Financial Aid and Bursar will be forwarded an updated list of Sophia students weekly (or as it changes)
  • When the course is completed and a grade is posted, Cheyney will be notified of the grade
  • Transfer credits for courses successfully passed thru Sophia will be posted onto the student’s Cheyney transcript under the designated course equivalencies (noted in the LVH100 comment field)
  • The LVH100 placeholder course will be removed from the student’s transcript
Cheyney does not do anything to facilitate their registration at any point in the process. The student sets up their own account registers themselves, etc. They will be contacted by the school regarding their course setup, materials, attendance, etc.  The school will monitor their activity and course completion.

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