department of Guidance and Counseling

The following programs and services are part of the Department of Guidance and Counseling:

Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar I, GAC 101 (1 credit) and Freshman Seminar II, GAC 102 (1 credit).  GAC 101 and GAC 102 are both required courses for graduation under the General Education Curriculum.  These two courses should be taken in sequence during the first year of study.

GAC 101 covers the history of Cheyney University, campus-wide policies and procedures, the Career Decision-Making Process, Self-Assessment tools, and Study Skills Strategies.  Students will also declare their major in this course and learn how to self-register for future semesters.

GAC 102 focuses on critical thinking skills, effective communication, diversity, money and health topics.  Students will have a defined career goal, be able to develp a budget, write a basic resume and possess interviewing skills, techniques and strategies.

Academic Advising

GAC 101 and GAC 102 professors are freshmen designated academic advisors.  Once a first year student declares a major an academic advisor is assigned by the relevant department.  A departmental advisor and a GAC advisor will remain in place until the GAC course is completed. 

Disability Services

Disability accomodations are provided to students who identify themselves for disability services.  A student in need of disability services will work with Jolly Ramakrishnan, the Disabilities Specialist, who will determine eligibility for services and implement the appropriate accommodations.