Office of general education

Director Of General Education

Cheyney University established an Office of General Education in the Fall of 2008. The Director of General Education, who reports directly to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, is responsible for overseeing the General Education program. These responsibilities include promoting the General Education program throughout the campus community and all that it entails. For students, this roughly translates into serving as an educator and a resource for issues surrounding the completion of their General Education program. For faculty, the director also serves as a resource for training, assessment of the program, and advising issues pertaining to the General Education program.


General Education Requirements

The General Education (Gen Ed) program is a common set of courses that all students must satisfy prior to graduating from the university. The current Gen Ed program was created by faculty, implemented in the Fall of 2008, to provide a foundation to foster confident, competent, reflective, visionary leaders and responsible citizens. These goals were satisfied, in part, by creating a curriculum that promoted the six university-wide learning outcomes under which the university operates.  Click here for an explicit breakdown of how the University Wide Learning Outcomes are promoted through courses that define the Gen Ed Requirements.

An adobe acrobat version of the this text can be downloaded here:

General Education Requirements

Resources for Advising

The Director of General Education, in conjunction with the Department of Guidance and Counseling and the Office of CATLA, is in the process of developing an academic advising handbook. This handbook is currently in a preliminary draft stage. However, we invite feedback, criticism, and suggestions from faculty on this work in progress. This advising handbook is intended to change the face of academic advising at our institution and, rightfully so, it should be our shared vision of how advising should be conducted at our university to better serve our students.

Click here for a downloadable version of the Academic Advising Handbook.  Your feedback, suggestions, or corrections can be sent to Professor Ramakrishnan,

Curriculum Worksheets

Curriculum worksheets for each undergraduate academic program are available for viewing on the university website: Academics/Degree Programs. New practices at the university will include the updating of curriculum worksheets on an annual or biennial basis. In addition, curriculum worksheets for previous years will be archived on the university website. It will be important that both faculty and students are using the appropriate curriculum worksheet when satisfying their major and general education requirements. The appropriate curriculum worksheet is that which was in effect when the students entered the university. In the event that a student has a break in enrollment, they are to follow the curriculum worksheet in effect when they return to the university.

Tentative General Education Initiatives

Several initiatives have been identified by the Director of General Education that have not been put in effect. The list below includes viewable adobe .pdf documents of initiatives that have yet to be announced or implemented fully on the university campus. Each document includes a summary of the problems that need to be addressed, how they impact our campus, as well as any tentative plans to address them. As with any initiative, assistance is appreciated and valued. Whether in the form of sharing your expertise, suggestions, or time, please feel free to email or contact the director at any time to learn more about the tentative initiatives or to share your opinion on them.


  • System-wide course renumbering – coming soon
  • Gen Ed Core Pre-requisite – coming soon
  • Developmental Course Restructuring – coming soon
  • Program Curriculum Mapping – coming soon
  • Course Prefix restructuring – coming soon