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The Teacher Education Unit's mission statement is based on the needs of professional education candidates, public schools and their students and is consistent with the design of the teacher and educational leadership certificate programs.

The mission of the Teacher Education Unit is to prepare teachers and school leaders as reflective decision makers who are collaborative and effective practitioners, thereby strengthening academic quality and excellence to advance student achievement and success. Successful candidates demonstrate instructional leadership competencies consistent with state and national professional standards. 

The Education and  Professional Studies Department offers a four-year baccalaureate degree program in (1) Early Childhood and (2) a dual degree program in Early Childhood and Special Education.  All program offerings are guided by the reflective approach to education, and focus on the development of candidates as “Reflective Decision Makers who are Collaborative and Effective Practitioners.”

The primary goals are to (1)develop educators who are qualified to receive Pennsylvania's Instructional I teaching and administrative certificates and to position them to receive certification in other states that have interstate agreements with Pennsylvania, (2) provide candidates with the resources to attain the knowledge necessary to become successful early childhood educators and administrators, and (3) provide candidates with opportunities to participate in field and clinical experiences in urban and suburban public schools.

Shelly W. Channel, Ph.D.
School of Education Studies 
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania