Cheyney University offers a number of scholarship opportunities

Scholarships at Cheyney University serve the purpose of providing financial support to students who have shown meritorious conduct, and are therefore reserved for students with special qualifications, such as academic, athletic or artistic talent. Some scholarships are reserved to provide support to students with financial need.  These awards are intended to promote the recruitment and retention of high achieving and talented students.

To be considered for a scholarship...

....please review the many opportunities available.  Each scholarship is likely to have separate application instructions, and criteria for consideration.  Scholarship opportunities are often announced via email, so if you are a Cheyney University student, please remember to check your Cheyney Wolf Mail every day!!

Accepting a scholarship involves accepting all of the terms and conditions of the award.  Please note that all Scholarships at Cheyney University are made in writing, and that the terms and the conditions of the award are provided in writing to the recipient.  Scholarships are never offered verbally, and scholarships are only offered through a formal award letters.  Please remember to carefully review all details in the scholarship award letter that you receive.  Scholarships are only authorized when students fully abide by all policies, terms and obligations.   Keep in mind:

  • Scholarships at Cheyney University require students to complete the FAFSA (only International students are exempt from this requirement).
  • Students must complete all requirements for determination of eligibility of federal aid.  Completion of all requirements is the responsibility of the student.  Please communicate with the financial aid office if you have any questions.
  • Scholarships are intended to provide financial support to assist students in meeting educational costs associated with college attendance. 
  • Many scholarships require full-time attendance.
  • Most scholarships are awarded 50% in the fall semester and 50% in the spring.
  • Most scholarships require students to write a thank you letter to the donor.
  • Scholarship awards may be automatically rescinded if students do not satisfy all requirements and expectations associated with accepting an award.
  • Scholarships are an earned privilege, and students may only continue to receive scholarship support if they demonstrate full compliance with the expectations associated with an award.
  • Some scholarships are awarded based on residency.  Please read more about residency requirements.

Scholarships from Cheyney University

Scholarships from Outside Agencies

Special Note

Please note that new awards of the Cheyney University Honors Scholarship and the Coppin Merit Scholarship are not being made at this time.  The Keystone Honors Academy Scholarship remains available to qualified students.