The Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Social Responsibility guides the development and implementation of proactive diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility initiatives in support of the Cheyney University strategic plan to create a learning and working environment where all can succeed.   

A culture of inclusion is promoted at Cheyney University, actively engaging students, faculty, and staff – to further behaviors, attitudes, and policies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.   

We champion the importance and value of a diverse and inclusive environment and advance diversity as a critical component of social, academic, and intellectual life at Cheyney University.

Cheyney University is committed to creating and maintaining inclusive campus environments where all members experience a sense of value, belonging, and respect. View our policies on Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action.

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What We Do

We assist with fostering togetherness on campus and resolving interpersonal issues when they arise. View our Social Equity policies (scroll to the bottom).

DISR Programs & Initiatives

We offer several diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility related programs for our students to participate in and give back.

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