Loan Exit Counseling

Loan exit counseling is a FEDERAL REQUIREMENT for all students who borrowed a Direct Loan. Its purpose is to advise the student of their rights and responsibilities of borrowing educational loans, avoiding default, and exploring repayment options. 

When Is It Completed?
When a student gets ready to GRADUATE, enrollment drops below half-time (below 6 credit hours) or withdraws from the University (officially or unofficially). It is important to make sure that your mailing address, email address, and telephone number are current, which makes it easier for financial aid and your loan servicer to contact you.
Where Do I Complete It?

Online at

Financial-Aid-Screen-CaptureFollow these steps:


What Happens if I Don’t Complete It?
Again, loan exit counseling is a requirement.  A debt management hold will be placed on your account if you don’t complete it!  The hold will prevent you from receiving your transcripts and degree/diploma.  It will not prevent you from graduating. 

The hold will be removed once you complete the loan exit counseling by the Financial Aid Office. 

Additional Information

You will receive correspondence from Financial Aid about completing you loan exit counseling. Once everything is completed, you will then receive a confirmation email thanking you for completing exit counseling.

Exit counseling information sessions to assist students with navigating through this process will be held before the end of the Spring semester. Dates and times will be announced to students by email.