Criteria to Participate in the Commencement Convocation

  1. Students who have completed all degree requirements, and who have submitted an anticipation of graduation form.

Students must meet with their academic advisors to review their curricular requirements.  If the student has completed all required courses to complete a degree, the student must submit the anticipation of graduation form, and collect all necessary signatures.  After submitting the form, the student should attend to any email communications from university officials regarding the status of the application. The form for undergraduates may be found here. The form for graduate students may be found here.

  1. Students who need to complete minimal credit hours to complete all degree requirements, and who have submitted an Application to Participate (Walk) In Commencement form:

Students who have not completed all degree requirements, who need to only complete two 3 credit courses or 2 four credit courses, or who need less than six (6) credits to graduate may have the opportunity to participate in commencement by completing the Application to Participate in Commencement form.

This Application to Participate includes a completed Anticipation to Graduate with the proposed graduation date. Students who are approved to participate will have their names in the Commencement Book and are identified therein as a participant.

At the time of completion of all outstanding coursework participants must notify their respective department and the Office of the Registrar of their completion for degree conferral with the university.

Students who participate must not have any stops on their account nor will they be allowed to participate if there is an outstanding financial obligation to the University.

What is the Difference between Participating in Commencement and Graduating?


The complete graduation policy can be reviewed on pages 103-104 of the Academic Catalog

Students who participate in commencement because they meet the above mentioned exception (they need to only complete two 3 credit courses or 2 four credit courses, or who need less than six (6) credits to graduate) have NOT graduated.  Participation in the ceremony does not mean that the student has graduated. 

Student who participate, but who have not graduated, must complete the required credits in order to receive the degree.  Please register for the required coursework as soon as possible. The required courses can usually be completed in the upcoming summer or fall sessions. If you will need to complete additional coursework to graduate, please see the summer and fall session registration dates under important dates to remember.

After completing the required coursework, you will need to complete an Application to Participate in Graduation and have your academic advisor submit it to the office of the Dean for approval before it is forwarded to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline.

If you have any questions please contact your academic advisor or the registrar’s office at 610-399-2225.