Some of the sponsored events of the CU Honors Academy include:

    • Invited Keynote Speakers
    • Graduate School Visits and Preparation
    • Conferences
    • Internships and Professional Development
    • Study Abroad Opportunities
    • Leadership Activities
    • Community Service and Outreach
    • Intellectual Games and Competitions
    • Films
    • Field Trips
    • The Honda Campus All-Star Challenge
    • Battle of the Brains Competition

Leadership and setting the right examples are core principles of the CU Honors Academy. The living-learning community is thus not limited to one dormitory but encompasses the entire Cheyney campus.  Honors students reside throughout all the living spaces Cheyney University has to offer.  Practicing leadership qualities is not an event that occurs occasionally; rather, leadership is to be demonstrated as we live, how we live, where we live, and happen at all times.

Honors courses typically have smaller class sizes. These courses are taught by experienced and top-notch professors who are sympathetic to the needs and goals of honors students.  These courses emphasize not only mastery of the course’s principles, but also the relevance of the course for your everyday experiences.  Independent study is important, but so is the need to express ideas with others and lead others along with the intellectual pursuits you are taking.  Honors courses aim to foster these academic pursuits and intellectual relationships with others.