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ABOUT THE Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office is responsible for tuition assessment, generating and distributing tuition bills, accepting payments, disbursing funds released from Financial Aid, processing deferment requests received, withdrawals, refunds, collections management, and more!

 Some common items are:

Power Campus Self-Service/Cashnet Plan administered in-house by Cheyney's Bursar Office

  • Clearance Process:  All students must go through the “Clearance Process” in order to attend classes if your tuition bill is not paid in full, if you have stops on your account or if you have not completed all financial aid obligations.  All students must be financially cleared with no stops and/or balances on their account before they will be allowed to move into the dorms or attend classes. 
  • Refunds: Refunds are usually processed when Financial Aid funds are left over on a student’s account (creates a credit) after all tuition and fees have been paid in which students are entitled to receive for other educational expenses.
    • Refunds may also be issued due to changes on the student’s account. The Federal government requires a college or university to refund this money to students within a 14 day period from the time the funds are posted to the student’s account. Students use these funds to pay for things such as books, school supplies, rent and other expenses associated with pursuing higher education.
  • FERPA: Please complete this document if you want to allow us permission to speak to those you indicate regarding your student account.

 Other Online Services through PC Self Service/Cashnet

  • Includes miscelleneous items such as: replacement ID costs, room deposits, library fines, transcripts, parking fines, flex dollars and more!
    • Click on make a payment tab - choose the item, quantity, then make payment
    • Parking appeals must go through the Parking / Public Safety department.
    •   Collections management - letters, AG office placement and outside agencies
    •  Deferment postings - Employer Reimbursement, Military, Scholarship options maybe available.
    •  Only Financial Aid can submit a deferment request to the Bursar's Office for aid matters.
    • If no deferment request is submitted, an active payment plan must be setup until funding is available

 Contact the Bursar’s Office

Our commitment to our students is to answer your questions and inquiries accurately and timely, or guide you to the proper area that may be able to do so. This may require additional information, release forms (highly regulated industry), investigation or time. Therefore, we may take your name and number and return your call once we've researched the necessary information

Financial Aid Office

If you are looking for assistance in funding your Cheyney University educational experience, the Financial Aid Office will be glad to review your options with you regarding loans, grants and scholarships. FAFSA priority deadline is March of each year. Please discuss your financial aid matters with the Financial Aid office directly.

  •  Stafford Loans
  • PLUS Loans - Denials mayincrease Unsubsidized Student Stafford loans if student is eligible for federal aid - call Financial Aid if your parent is denied a Parent Plus loan at require the MPN to be signed by the parent with their FAFSA pin #.
  • Alternative Loans - Loans in a student’s name, in which they often need a credit worthy co-signer - pretty attractive interest rates these days - review lenders and apply
    • PELL
    • PHEAA
    • SEOG
    • Various grants and scholarships