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Viewing your Bills

Cheyney University is pleased to offer electronic billing (eBill) to students! This web-based system replaces paper invoices and reduces postage costs with itemized tuition and fee amounts listed on a secure web site (accessed via PC Self Service/Cashnet). Here is what to expect...
§ Automatic e-mail notification to students when new bills are issued or payments are made
§ Current and past billing statements showing financial aid, and tuition/fees
§ Students can allow parents and third-parties (authorized users) access to view their bills and make payments for them
§ Ability to schedule one-time or repeating payments with a valid credit card

Students may designate access to parents and third-parties by setting up an authorized payor using e-mail address, username, and passwords. And you can set up a personal profile, which can include an alternate e-mail address.
Cheyney University sends email notifications of activity in PC Self Service/Cashnet to student wolf-mail accounts. Paper bills will only be mailed at the beginning of the semester to new students. Returning students can access tuition bills online but will receive a final bill at the end of the semester.  Additional useful information is below including the steps to view the bill and print a bill.
View and Print your bill
·         Log onto PC Self-Service  
·         Click on Finances, then Bursar (Cashnet)
·         Under “Your View” there will be a list of billing statements and dates
·         Click on the View tab for the billing statement needed
·         Click on the Print icon and print bill
Please note:The amounts due on PC Self Service/Cashnet page under “Your Account” is your current balance which is a cumulative balance of all charges and fees. Please review the actual bill to make sure all anticipated aid has been applied. Do not assume you have Financial Aid - you must see it on the bill as anticipated aid or contact the Financial Aid office
New Students please click here for information on setting up username and passwords for IT related items (student account, email, etc) 
All students are expected to pay their tuition bills by the due date indicated on the bill or their schedules will be canceled by the university. Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve the student from paying/submitting the bill payment by the due date.
In order for any Financial Aid to be credited to the student account, it must be approved and certified by the Financial Aid Office.
A student’s Financial Aid package may change even after the funds have disbursed, the bill has been paid and even after the student has received a refund. There are many factors that affect your student’s eligibility.
It is the responsibility of all students to monitor their student accounts regularly throughout the semester to ensure all anticipated financial aid awards are disbursed and their account balance is paid in full.
The student billing statement is similar to a credit card statement where it shows a prior balance, current activity, and a new balance due.
Prior Term Debts
Prior term debts, such as residence hall damages, health center visits or ID fees MUST be paid by you (out of pocket). Financial aid, even if it shows you have enough to cover it, will NOT pay a prior term, or session balance, per federal regulations.

All previous balances must be paid in full in order to be considered cleared by the Bursar’s Office. Cheyney University is allowed to deduct $200 from current federal funds to pay a prior year balance and will exercise that right every semester going forward.