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Making Payments

We accept a wide variety of payments at Cheyney University. You can pay online, in person, over the telephone or through the mail. We also offer payment plans through Tuition Pay by Higher One (formerly Sallie Mae) and Power Campus Self-Service and work closely with the Office of Financial Aid on campus.
Online Payment Options
We have two different ways to pay online.
Option One:
            Pay through Cheyney’s website.
1.    On the home page, click on short cuts, and then scroll down until you come to pay online. 
2.    Click on pay online. This directs you to a secured payment portal with Sallie Mae.
3.    Once there, please follow all instructions until the end. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
4.    Until updated, students paying advanced registration fees or room deposits for returning students will have to use the Tuition/Mandatory Fee line item.
Option Two:
Pay through Power Campus Self-Service/Cashnet account (only current students have this option)
1.    Log into Power Campus Self-Service using your student username and password
2.    Click on the Finances tab and then the Bursar tab:
3.    Click on the “Click here to make a payment tab – click on the charge you wish to pay and enter the amount if different from what you want to pay.
4.    Click on add to shopping cart. Once done, click on continue shopping or checkout. If purchasing Flex Dollars - Enter the quantity (Flex dollars are purchased in $50 increments).
5.    Review your order and click on checkout
6.    Enter Credit Card Information.
o    Credit Card - Discover, American Express, Visa or Mastercard and finalize purchase.
Office Payment Options
We accept money orders, cashier checks, credit cards and cash at the cashier’s window of the Bursar’s office.  Payments may be mailed (except cash) to us at the address below. Please ensure that the student’s name is clearly stated on any correspondence for accurate processing. All payments are due by the due date, please do not mail on the due date. Street address is needed for overnight mailing purposes only. Make checks payable to: Cheyney University.
·         Mailing Address: Cheyney University Bursar's Office, PO Box 200, Cheyney, PA 19319
·         Street Address (for overnight): Cheyney University, Bursar's Office, 1837 University Circle, Cheyney, PA 19919