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clearance process

In order to be cleared to attend classes the following steps must be completed:
1.    Student must be registered
2.    Must not have any stops on student account
               Stops are holds placed on accounts to get the student’s attention that there is action required
3.     Must have satisfied all financial obligations
Financial obligations are tuition, fees and misc. charges all paid in full or arrangements setup to cover obligations
4.    Must be in good standing with the University
5.    Must have completed all forms requests by Cheyney University staff
Semester Clearance
Students will be automatically cleared if:
Student account is paid in full.
Student account reflects anticipated financial aid that covers all tuition and fees, room and board.
All required documentation to various departments (i.e. financial aid, health services, housing etc.) have been submitted. 
Sufficient payment arrangements are made prior to the start of class, if anticipated financial aid awards does not cover tuition bill in full.
There is a message on your Power Campus account that states you are Officially Cleared.
Clearance Participation Required:
If anticipated aid does not appear on your student account, please supply the Bursar's Office with a copy of your award letter or other payment documentation.  If you are paying your bill with financial aid; an award letter is required to complete the clearance process for those students that do not have anticipated aid reflected on their account.  Award letters can be obtained through NETPARTNERS
by clicking here:
Please Note:  If your financial aid award does not cover the cost of your tuition bill, additional arrangements is required before the start of class in order to clear. (i.e. payment plan, full balance due payment, etc.) Contact the Bursar's Office for additional information