Readmissions Information

A student who withdrew from the University in good academic standing may apply for readmission at least 30 days before the term in which the student wishes to re-enroll.

Students dismissed for academic reasons are not eligible for readmission for at least one semester. Dismissed former students must apply to the Office of Admissions for re-admittance after their suspension. Applications for readmission are to be returned to the Office of Admissions in the Wade Wilson Building. The mailing address is Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Office of Admissions, PO Box 1837, Cheyney, PA 19319

You may call or email the Office of Admissions concerning your college transcripts and any questions you may have related to your transfer plans.  The Admissions Office phone number is (610) 399-2275.


Readmit Form - Can be attached to your application