Continuing Education at Cheyney University

Qualified individuals who have a high school diploma (or GED) may apply to take courses on a part-time, non-degree basis. Applications for non-degree courses must be forwarded to the Director of Admissions. No admission tests are required. Students can take up to 12 credits using a continuing non-degree application form. If they require to take more credits they must fill out a regular application form and follow the procedure for general admission to the university. Also continuing education applicants are not guaranteed that all 12 credits will transfer into an academic program here at Cheyney.

You may call or email the Office of Admissions concerning your college transcripts and any questions you may have related to your transfer plans. 

For further clarification students may contact the director of admissions at (610) 399-2275 or e-mail their questions to


Application for Continuing Education